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The Evolution (& Successes!) Of OnShift’s All-In-One Mobile App

August 28, 2019 | Jim Rubadue

The Evolution (& Successes!) Of OnShift’s All-In-One Mobile AppLet’s go back to 2013. The world welcomed a new royal baby. Scientists discovered that Mars may have once supported life. And OnShift introduced their mobile app for employees. I know, I know. The release of a mobile app may not have been as newsworthy as the birth of the future King of England or potential life on Mars, but for senior care providers, we saw the ability for caregivers to better access and control their schedules as a complete game changer.

And we were right. Upon the release of the OnShift mobile app for employees, the results reported were overwhelmingly positive, in more ways than one. Staff satisfaction skyrocketed. Employees loved the ability to request open shifts and check their schedule anytime, anywhere. Plus, the mobile app held employees accountable to when they work helped schedulers staff consistently for quality care.

The way we saw it, the entire world was going mobile. Shopping, banking, music—we were all turning to our phones for these things. What better way to help providers promote work-life balance and differentiate their organizations than by offering the ability to access schedules and request open shifts right from where most people spend a lot of their time—on their mobile device.

Flash forward to 2017. Low unemployment, high turnover rates, a growing aging population, and increasing competition from both in and outside the industry had left many providers fighting for talent. Employee engagement, considered by many to be just the latest buzzword, is suddenly the hot topic and responsible for many a sleepless night for operators across the nation.

Even prior to 2017, we noticed a shift in the conversations we were having with long-term care and senior living providers. While efficiencies, labor costs and visibility were and continue to be important, more and more organizations were clamoring for something to help them keep a pulse on their employees so they could boost engagement and retention efforts. As a result, we introduced OnShift Engage, an end-to-end employee engagement solution with pulse surveys, automated employee rewards, new hire performance tracking and prompted messaging.

The result? Providers have dramatically boosted staff satisfaction and reduced employee turnover by up to 33%. We love seeing results like this and the impact our platform has on the lives of senior care employees. But we knew there was still more we could offer to improve quality of life for caregivers.

The sad truth is this: many hourly workers in senior care are living paycheck to paycheck and are under severe financial stress. This stress contributes to decreased productivity and engagement at work and is just no way to live. We soon released the OnShift Wallet app, which offers access to earned but unpaid wages between paychecks, in effort to help.

Again, providers reported success – to the tune of OnShift Wallet users accessing earned income for bills, groceries and unexpected expenses while also avoiding overdraft fees, late payments, payday loans or other fees. We were making a difference. In fact, in a survey conducted by OnShift, we found that 94% of users would recommend OnShift Wallet to a friend and 88% would recommend their workplace to a friend.

While each of our products independently have had an impact on both caregivers and the organizations they work for, we could not have imagined what combining them into one seamless app experience for employees would do. With the OnShift All-In-One Mobile App employees can easily access earned but unpaid wages, view their schedule and pick up open shifts, and track their rewards and performance. Combining all three of these solutions in one dashboard has had exponential value. Around here, we call it the 1 + 1 = 3 effect.

The Evolution (& Successes!) Of OnShift’s All-In-One Mobile App-1

Employees are going into the app to check their OnShift Wallet balance, seeing that a shift needs filled, and requesting that open shift to increase their earned wages. This is helping schedulers fill scheduling gaps, allowing organizations to provide consistent, quality care and giving employees a sense of control over their schedules. Transparency into their reward points balance keeps employees on track and incentivizes behaviors like clocking in and out on time, picking up open shifts and not calling off.

OnShift’s All-In-One Mobile App users access the app over 5 million times a month. We are excited about the successes we're seeing and thrilled each time a customer relays the difference it’s made to their workforce. What’s next for the OnShift’s employee mobile app? We’ll be looking to the industry and the conversations we have both with customers and other long-term care and senior living organizations to help us decide. Because after all, our success is a direct result of your partnership and the valuable input you provide. So, to all of our customers and friends in the industry - thank you.

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