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Senior Care Workforce Industry Insights

OnShift is focused exclusively on the needs of long-term and post-acute care, senior living and healthcare providers. We are in a unique position to monitor industry perspectives by conducting timely, one-of-a-kind research, capturing measurable insights from frontline workers to leadership. Browse some of our most recent research below.

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Workforce Perspectives: Persistent Burnout Reveals The Need For Better Organizational Support & Staffing Levels In Senior Care

In June 2022, OnShift conducted a survey to gain a deeper understanding of the senior care workforce. Nearly 1800 senior care professionals responded, representing a wide range of industry segments. Respondents not only provided insight into who they are, but they also shared their perspectives on the industry, the challenges they face, and what they value outside of work. 

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Senior Care Survey Report: Workforce 360

Navigating the Future of Care: Senior Care Leaders Focus on Workforce Challenges with Engagement, Flexibility and Retention

41% of senior care leaders say they often allow employees to work flexible shift times. 64% say independent professionals have helped them reduce unfilled shifts. And 68% prioritize employee communication features in workforce technology.
Download the report to get more stats and the perspectives of 1,700+ senior care professionals on:
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Preparedness for occupancy growth
  • Workforce management technology

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