The Future Of Workforce Scheduling Is Here

Introducing OnShift Schedule X

Power up your schedules. OnShift Schedule X transforms scheduling to meet changing workforce demands in long-term care and senior living. Effortlessly fill open shifts, control costs, and ensure continuity of care to accelerate growth.


Driving Results In Long-Term Care & Senior Living*
100% Scheduler Satisfaction Rate
50% Reduction In Overtime
100% Total Workforce Transparency
*These improvements are based on initial OnShift Schedule X customer results.

Next-Level Scheduling

Built in collaboration with hundreds of long-term care and senior living communities, OnShift Schedule X delivers the scheduling simplicity, flexibility and insights needed to drive success.

Streamlined & Simplified

Modern, intuitive design maximizes adoption by eliminating complexities, streamlining workflows and increasing visibility to ensure ROI.

Built To Engage

Bring employees the scheduling experience they deserve—one that is flexible, collaborative and fully mobile.

Data-Driven Decisions, Delivered

Ensure compliance, deliver quality care and prevent excess costs from overtime, overstaffing and more.

Shift Coverage When You Need It

Embrace the total workforce with SAMI (Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration), delivered by ShiftKey + OnShift.

Next-Gen Workforce Management

Bring scheduling and timekeeping together for an all-in-one experience.


Plan For The Expected, Adapt To The Unknown

Simplify Schedule Creation & Daily Management

  • Create schedules instantly based on your recurring patterns
  • Post and notify employees of new schedules in a single click
  • Quickly log call-offs and alert employees of shift openings
  • Adjust requirements and add shifts on the spot as demand fluctuates 
  • Easily flex shift times to accommodate employee availability

Fill Shifts Faster

Schedule Consistently & Control Costs

  • Proactively identify gaps and overages
  • Quickly communicate open shifts to employees
  • Automate employee shift request approvals for those not in overtime
  • Streamline management of internal staffing pools & shared workers 
  • Prevent overtime to reduce costs and alleviate employee burnout

Support Work-Life Balance

Boost Employee Satisfaction

  • Create best-fit schedules that balance flexibility with resident care needs
  • Offer instant mobile access for employees to view and manage their schedule
  • Allow employees to request open shifts or portions of a shift anytime, anywhere
  • Communicate important updates and shift openings instantly

Embrace The Total Workforce

Introducing SAMI

Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration
Delivered by ShiftKey + OnShift
  • Automatically access the ShiftKey marketplace to fill select shifts with best-fit independent professionals
  • Gain full workforce transparency and stay within budget with easy access to data and processes to cost-effectively fill shifts
  • Proactively scale to meet demands without having to hire ahead of time

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Actionable Insights Drive Strategic Workforce Decisions

  • Proactively track hours across the total workforce including internal employees, agency and independent professionals
  • Monitor care budgets (HPPD) in real-time to ensure compliance and promote high-quality care and service
  • Maximize system usage with easy access to key adoption metrics

See OnShift In Action

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