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Workforce Scheduling Software For Long-Term Care & Senior Living

Flexible scheduling is one of the most in-demand perks for today’s senior care employees. Meet their expectations while controlling excess labor costs and ensuring you’re staffed consistently for quality care and service.


Schedules That Meet The Needs Of Your Staff & Your Residents

Balance the care and service your residents deserve with the flexibility your employees demand with OnShift Schedule, a workforce scheduling software purpose-built for long-term care and senior living.

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Predictive & Proactive

Reduce excess labor costs with predictive insights to proactively fend off overtime, clock-riding, overstaffing & more.

Employee-First Mobile App

Ensure staff have everything they need to view & manage their schedule right at their fingertips.

Fill Shifts Fast To Ensure Consistent Staffing

Avoid scheduling gaps by easily filling shifts with community staff & internal staffing pool members.

World-Class Workforce Management

Seamlessly connect with OnShift Time and other popular time & attendance systems.

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Athena Health Care Systems Achieves Strategic Goals With Help From OnShift

Sean Phillips, Director of Scheduling at Athena Health Care Systems, shares how OnShift's employee scheduling software helps his organization staff for success.

Keep Employees Engaged & Informed

Everything your employees need, right in their pocket

  • Promote employee work-life balance with a scheduling app that allows instant access to view & manage their schedule
  • Fill shifts faster with the ability to view & request openings anytime, anywhere
  • Communicate important updates & shift openings instantly

Create Schedules In Minutes, Not Days

Reduce time spent managing schedules up to 70%

  • Create schedules fast with reusable master schedules
  • Alert staff of new schedules with a click of a button
  • Give employees access to view & request open shifts
  • Automate shift request approvals for employees not at risk for overtime

Avoid Scheduling Headaches

Fill shifts fast & avoid gaps

  • Instantly communicate shift openings & call-offs via text message or push notification
  • Identify gaps with proactive to-do lists & predictive dashboards
  • Utilize shared workers & internal staffing pools to fill shifts across neighboring communities

Extend Workers Across Your Organization

Ensure consistency & avoid excess labor costs

  • Easily build internal staffing pools and share employees across neighboring communities to fill shifts
  • Identify staffing gaps & utilize internal staffing pools to fill openings across your organization
  • Alert shared workers of current openings & allow them to easily request shifts across locations

Keep Costs In Check

Prevent excess labor costs

  • Spot overtime before it happens
  • Identify cost-effective choices when assigning shifts
  • Monitor premium hours & potential clock-riding in real-time

Drive Consistent Care

Stay in budget & mitigate risk

  • Proactively identify gaps & overages to staff appropriately
  • Utilize shared staff & internal staffing pools to ensure consistent coverage
  • Quickly adjust staffing based on changes in census, resident acuity or service level
  • Be alerted to potential risk with automated texts or emails



Introducing SAMI

Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration
Delivered by ShiftKey + OnShift

SAMI provides a complete view of your schedule — showing your employees and independent healthcare professionals in one place — providing you the tools to build a complete schedule proactively and cost-effectively.

Integrate For Actionable Insights

Gain a unified view of workforce management

  • Combine with OnShift Time for deeper insights into labor costs
  • Proactively manage overtime & potential clock-riding in real time
  • Automatically sync employee records from existing HR systems
  • Seamlessly connect job costing data directly to payroll

What Do Caregivers Love About OnShift?

Nurses, nursing assistants and other caregivers love how quick and easy it is to take control of their schedules on-the-go with OnShift.

Staffing Like A Champ In Senior Care

Get the labor management strategies and best practices you need to staff more efficiently and effectively. See how you can reduce excess labor costs, support employee work-life balance and promote quality care and service.

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See OnShift In Action

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