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Key Results

33% decrease in employee turnover


 in employee turnover

satisfied and less stressed staff


and less stressed staff

26% reduction in shifts with a call-off


in shifts with a call-off

56% increase in on-time punches


in on-time punches

Company Background

Washington Odd Fellows Home is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community located in Walla Walla, Washington. Washington Odd Fellow Homes’ 240 employees serve residents across a spectrum of care including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

The Challenge

Scheduling staff at Washington Odd Fellows Home was manual, tedious and frustrating to both employees and schedulers. Additionally, the community is in a semi-rural area of Washington and faces tough competition for talent. Without visibility into employee satisfaction levels, community leadership was at considerable risk of losing staff to the local hospital.



Lack of manager feedback




Manual labor management

Lack of Employee-Manager Feedback

  • If employees wanted to provide feedback, they had to step away from their duties to locate a supervisor, which was especially difficult for third shift staff
  • Outside of staff meetings, exit interviews were often the only method of formal employee-manager feedback, leaving valuable feedback unsaid and too late to prevent turnover
  • Without a well-formed process to gather and track employee feedback, Washington Odd Fellows Home was unable to quickly take action to fix issues

Limited Visibility Into Employee Satisfaction Causing Turnover

  • While a rewards system was in place, they were often distributed on an ad hoc basis. This inconsistency often left employees feeling overlooked, sometimes causing turnover
  • Without a standard method or tool to consistently track employee satisfaction, it was difficult to identify and improve employee relations

Manual, Excel-Based Labor Management 

  • Manual, Excel-based schedules were tedious and time-consuming to create and, with daily scheduling changes, prone to errors
  • When call-offs occurred, schedulers would spend hours contacting staff individually to fill shifts as Washington Odd Fellows Home had no efficient way to communicate with staff
  • Siloed departmental schedules limited leadership’s visibility into staffing, making it difficult to fully optimize the use of their staff across the community


The Solution

Washington Odd Fellows Home turned to OnShift to help with their employee staffing and satisfaction issues. OnShift’s suite of products, including OnShift Schedule and OnShift Engage, help Washington Odd Fellows Home with online scheduling, employee communications, and capturing and monitoring employee feedback to improve satisfaction and reduce turnover.


Improved employee manager communication




Scheduling made easy

Manager-Employee Communication

  • Employees provide immediate feedback with OnShift’s quick and easy pulse surveys, opening lines of communication between employees and managers
  • Actionable and real-time feedback allows managers to easily identify areas for improvement
  • Managers are able to easily reward points for positive behaviors with OnShift’s automated points-based rewards system, improving relationships with employees

Improved Employee

  • Managers and supervisors make almost immediate changes based on employee feedback, making employees feel heard and valued
  • Top performing employees are incentivized with rewards and leaderboards, while other employees are encouraged to continue good performance
  • With visibility into workforce satisfaction, managers and supervisors make changes where necessary to keep employee satisfaction high and avoid turnover

Employee Scheduling
Made Easy

  • Online, repeatable master schedules provide staffing visibility for community leadership and efficiencies for schedulers
  • Open shifts and call-offs are filled quickly and equitably among staff using OnShift’s messaging platform – providing flexibility to staff and improving scheduler satisfaction
  • OnShift’s messaging capabilities allows Washington Odd Fellows Home to communicate open shifts and other important announcements with all staff instantaneously via a text message, email, phone call or mobile push notification, based on each employee’s preference

“It’s simple. OnShift Engage gives us a snapshot of the overall health of the workforce.”

- John Brigham, CEO

The Results

  • 33% decrease in employee turnover in the first 6 months of using OnShift Engage
  • Staff satisfaction increased by 7% within the first 6 months of using OnShift Engage 
  • 26% reduction in shifts with a call-off, as employees gain points and rewards for positive behaviors, such as on-time punches and no call-offs
  • Multiple process improvements made based on employee feedback, including a simple change to the charting location for nurse aides
  • Achieve emergency preparedness plan compliance using OnShift’s communication platform
  • Employees use pulse surveys to compliment other staff, enhancing camaraderie and sense of team among employees 
  • Employees are more satisfied because they feel as though their feedback is heard and valued
  • 44% reduction in late punches and 56% increase in on-time punches since OnShift Engage implementation 
  • Interested and available employees are able to quickly fill the “now open” shifts, making both employees and schedulers happy 
“It’s valuable to have the chance to act on employee feedback gathered in OnShift. Before OnShift we did not have a standard method or tool to consistently connect with our employees to measure their satisfaction, until we started to use OnShift Engage."
Lisa Whited
Lisa Whited, HR Director
Washington Odd Fellows Home

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