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Time And Attendance For A Contactless World

Traditional timeclocks are expensive, bulky and often frustrating for staff. And for your communities, they are yet another device that needs to be sanitized and cleaned after every use. Bring staff a mobile, contactless timekeeping experience that’s built for our modern world and a modern workforce.

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Redefine Clocking In

Learn how OnShift Time can help you decrease labor costs, improve timecard accuracy and reduce payroll errors—all without the need for traditional, expensive timeclocks.

Any Tablet. Any Smartphone. No Timeclock Required.

Staff can punch from a centralized tablet, their mobile device or a combination of both.

As Simple As Taking A Selfie

State-of-the-art facial recognition biometrics learn who is clocking in with each punch.

Configurable Rules Engine

Be confident staff are paid appropriately based on organizational hours & wage standards.

World-Class Workforce Management

Combine with OnShift Schedule to reduce excess labor costs with a fully integrated workforce management platform.


Go Mobile. Go Modern.

Eliminate costly, traditional timeclocks

  • Turn any tablet or smartphone into a timeclock
  • Eliminate expensive hardware maintenance & fees
  • Utilize devices you already have on hand



As Simple As Taking A Selfie

Bring staff a modern timekeeping experience

  • Make punching as simple as taking a selfie with facial recognition biometrics
  • Allow punches from any tablet or smartphone
  • Give staff easy access to request time off & view accruals & access timecard history

Protect Your Community

Add a layer of COVID-19 prevention

  • Screen staff for common symptoms of coronavirus with configurable punch questions
  • Be notified of potential COVID-19 risk or exposure as employees punch
  • Provide a contactless experience with the ability to punch from a mobile device

Reduce Payroll Headaches

Streamline payroll processes & ensure accuracy

  • Proactively spot & address potential payroll issues before they go for processing
  • Ensure staff are paid accurately with seamless job transfers
  • Monitor timecard approvals & other discrepancies in real-time

Pay Your Way

Drive compliance & mitigate risk

  • Configure pay rules based on your organization’s hours & wage regulations
  • Mitigate compliance issues with customizable meal & paid break attestations
  • Export job costing data for accurate Payroll-Based Journal reporting

Integrate For Actionable Insights

Gain a unified view of workforce management

  • Combine with OnShift's scheduling solution for deeper insights into labor costs
  • Proactively manage overtime & potential clock-riding in real time
  • Automatically sync employee records from existing HR systems
  • Seamlessly connect job costing data directly to payroll

The Executive Buyer's Guide To Modern Time And Attendance Software

Not all time and attendance systems are created equal. Learn the features and functionality you need to ensure accuracy and deliver staff a modern, mobile timekeeping experience.

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