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The OnShift Mobile App for Senior Care Employees is Calling

The first time I had access to a cell phone, I felt cool. Really cool. Even though it weighed several pounds and looked like this (yes, go ahead and laugh), I felt totally empowered and had inflated self-importance. After all, not many people had mobile phones back in the day.

Fast forward to today, and that coolness factor is gone. I’m a bit of a tech junkie (thank you Apple, I’m hooked), but 4 billion of my closest friends have joined me as mobile phone users.The use of mobile devices is ubiquitous. And that’s one of the driving reasons behind today’s announcement of OnShift Mobile. OnShift Mobile gives executives in senior care the visibility and data they need, across their facilities and communities, to stay on top of staffing and labor management.

With just a few taps, executives get top-down analysis into important issues like overtime rates, labor OnShift Mobile allows executives to analyze overtime rates, labor costs, occupancy, etc.costs, occupancy, and more. Peer analysis features provide the ability to benchmark staffing and scheduling efforts against other organizations, for additional perspective into how well your organization is performing.

We understand that CEOs, VPs of Operations, Regional Managers, and Directors of HR, for example, are not chained to their desktops. But getting this data and analysis, when they need it, is critical in doing their jobs -- and doing them well.

“I love that I can glance at OnShift Mobile to get a meaningful understanding of the staffing situation across Holland communities,” stated Janet Harris, CEO, Holland Management. “OnShift is a critical part of our organization in driving the efficiencies, predictability, cost control and quality we need to stay successful in senior care. This new release from OnShift strengthens our staffing practices even further with insightful data that I can view as I’m walking into a property and take action on, no matter where I am.”

All of the OnShift Mobile functionality is available in the OnShift web-based staff scheduling application, too. New Enterprise Analytics are baked into our software, no matter how it’s accessed. Now that’s something that provides a coolness factor and a lot of business value, too.

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