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Transforming The Relationship Between Healthcare Organizations & Their Employees

Our innovative approach to recruitment, hiring, workforce management, pay and engagement fosters a culture where people want to work. That’s why thousands of organizations rely on OnShift’s integrated suite of software and services to dramatically reduce turnover rates, decrease costs and improve the quality and continuity of care.

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Redefine The Employee Experience—All From One Platform

Give your employees the exceptional experience they deserve while offering managers actionable insights throughout the employee journey with our next-generation software purpose-built for senior care.

Operational Excellence

Eliminate complex and manual processes by streamlining key milestones and tasks across the entire employee journey.

Employee Retention

Develop a workplace culture that fosters communication, promotes work-life balance and rewards contributions.

Recruitment & Hiring

Streamline your hiring process to more effectively and efficiently source, recruit, hire and onboard top talent.

Cost Control

Identify best-fit hires, create balanced schedules that right-size staffing levels, dramatically reduce time theft, eliminate unnecessary overtime and engage employees to minimize turnover.

Quality Care & Compliance

Ensure compliance and staff consistently with customizable hiring workflows, automated background checks, real-time staffing visibility, proactive punch notifications and CMS-ready PBJ reports.

Modern Pay

Utilize best-in-class payroll software and seamlessly integrate data to deliver pay schedules that are accurate, compliant and meet the demands of today's workforce.

The OnShift Platform

Create a seamless experience for everyone with our fully integrated suite of software for recruiting, hiring, management, pay and engagement.

All-In-One Mobile Experience For Employees

Put everything your employees need to stay connected and engaged with their community, right at their fingertips. With the OnShift mobile app, employees can access their schedule, view rewards balances, instantly access earned wages, receive important community updates, and more—all from one place.

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Talent Acquisition

Success starts with having the right people. Gain a competitive edge by being the first to find top candidates and seamlessly manage the entire hiring lifecycle from a robust, easy-to-use talent acquisition software.

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Workforce Management

Modern, mobile solutions for your most critical workforce challenges—all from one fully integrated system.

Time & Attendance

Eliminate costly, traditional timeclocks and instead bring staff a mobile, contactless timekeeping experience that’s built for our modern world and a modern workforce.

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Workforce Scheduling

Power up your schedules. OnShift Schedule X transforms scheduling to meet changing workforce demands in long-term care and senior living. Effortlessly fill open shifts, control costs, and ensure continuity of care to accelerate growth.

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Introducing SAMI

Delivered by ShiftKey + OnShift, SAMI (Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration) provides a complete view of your schedule — showing your employees and independent healthcare professionals in one place — providing you the tools to build a complete schedule proactively and cost-effectively. 

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Payroll & HRIS

Maximize value and deliver a great employee experience with best-in-class software & seamless integrations from one of OnShift’s partners for payroll & HRIS.

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Engagement & Retention

Turnover is one of the top challenges facing providers today. Keep a pulse on staff satisfaction and boost engagement with solutions designed to exceed the expectations of today’s senior care workforce.

Employee Engagement

Boost performance, quality and profitability with OnShift® Engage™, our easy-to-use employee engagement software that focuses on what matters most…your people.

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Financial Wellness Software

Give your organization a competitive edge and ease financial stress for employees with instant access to earned wages between paychecks.

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Reporting & Compliance

Visibility is essential in reducing excess labor costs, maximizing the use of your workforce, boosting overall staff satisfaction and ensuring you get credit for the care you provide.

Workforce Analytics

Get a complete picture of your performance, people, and operations with actionable workforce insights that drive staffing compliance and high quality resident care.

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Payroll-Based Journal Reporting Tools

With PBJ data now a key driver in Five-Star Ratings, providers need to simplify their reporting process, while driving accuracy.

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OnShift’s Commitment To The Healthcare Industry

OnShift is 100% focused on meeting your most critical workforce needs across the post-acute healthcare spectrum. From skilled nursing, senior living, life plan and continuing care retirement communities to EMS and other healthcare services, OnShift does it all from one platform that is purpose-built for healthcare providers.


Long-Term & Post-Acute Care

Few other industries face the regulatory pressures and compliance standards of skilled nursing and long-term care providers. Manage to your labor budget with census- and acuity-driven staffing and monitor staffing levels based on hours per patient day (HPPD) minimums and targets. Ensure you get credit for the care you provide with Payroll-Based Journal reporting software. Boost retention with employee-first technology that promotes work-life balance, rewards contributions and provides instant access to earned wages. And quickly find your next great hire with behavioral assessments that help determine which candidates are the best match for your organization.

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Senior Living

The service you provide is essential to your reputation and customer satisfaction. With OnShift, senior living providers gain insights to effectively manage their workforce across all service levels—and quickly adjust them as resident needs change. Providers rely on OnShift's employee-first software to promote work-life balance, recognize and reward employee contributions and ease financial stress. And, even in today's tight labor market, providers can better recruit, attract and retain the staff they need to ensure service excellence and long-term growth.

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities

To reduce turnover and improve resident care and services at every level, and in every setting, LPCs and CCRCs need comprehensive visibility into hiring, staffing and engagement. Easily manage employees with multiple positions with OnShift. Gain a holistic view across the entire continuum of care and maximize the use of universal workers across your organization. Ensure you’re staffed consistently, while also creating an employee experience that boosts satisfaction and retention.

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I/DD & Behavioral Health

Turnover rates among DSPs and other hourly workers are on the rise. OnShift helps I/DD and behavioral health providers strike the right balance with technologies that help them hire more effectively and efficiently, improve visibility into staffing across programs and group homes and differentiate their organization with automated rewards & instant earned wage access to boost retention.

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EMS & Ambulatory

EMS and ambulatory care providers are increasingly challenged to find qualified applicants and manage their hiring process quickly and effectively. Only OnShift provides the EMS industry’s leading solution for recruitment, screening, onboarding and retention, for improved talent acquisition and employee lifecycle management. Behavioral assessments specifically for EMS help providers quickly identify best-fit hires, while customizable workflows and automated reminders ensure candidates don't slip through the cracks.

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Home Health & Hospice

Competition for talent is higher than ever as demand for home health and home care services continues to rise. With OnShift, home health and hospice providers can create a memorable candidate experience, one that provides a competitive edge and ensures they're the first to find top candidates. Optimize your hiring experience and reduce time-to-hire all from one robust, easy-to-use system.

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