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Software built on the unique needs of the long-term care and senior living industry

Helping Senior Care Providers Deliver Quality Care & Service

Thousands of long-term care and senior living organizations rely on OnShift software and services to hire top candidates quickly, staff consistently and efficiently for high quality care, improved productivity and greater profitability.

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Improve Resident Care

Ensure you're consistently staffed for high quality care and service. Gain real-time HPPD and hours visibility, engage employees for greater retention and fill open shifts to ensure proper staffing for high quality care.


Identify potential understaffing before it occurs

Staff Consistently

Facilitate consistent staffing with open shift management and proactive alerts that identify potential understaffing, before it occurs.

Fill shifts by notifying all available and eligible employees

Fill Open Shifts

Quickly fill shifts by notifying all available and eligible employees of open shifts. This means better staffing for better care and service.

Mitigate employee burn out risk

Improve Quality

High turnover? Burned out employees? Mitigate risk to ensure quality by engaging staff, reducing doubles and overtime.

Monitor budgets and employee performance in view

Improve Outcomes

Monitor your labor budgets and employee performance so you can make adjustments in real-time to improve outcomes. 

Achieve Five-Star Staffing Rating

Easy PBJ Reporting

Skilled nursing providers: meet the CMS Payroll-Based Journal reporting requirements with easy-to-use PBJ software.

Get employee feedback immediately

Boost Performance

Capture employee feedback and address concerns before they cause issues so you can deliver the care your residents deserve.