Easy-to-use employee engagement software

Employee Engagement Software

Boost performance, quality and profitability with OnShift® Engage™, our easy-to-use employee engagement software that focuses on what matters most ... your people.

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  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys

    Capture employee satisfaction and feedback in real-time with new hire surveys, pulse surveys and customizable surveys.

  • Recognition & Rewards System

    Automated points-based rewards system tracks employee behaviors so contributions can be rewarded.

  • Employee Performance Reporting

    Employee and team performance tracking and dashboards easily identify areas for improvement.

  • New Hire Tracking

    Onboarding dashboards monitor new employees to promote retention.


Take Action With Real-Time Employee Feedback

In order to make improvements, you have to understand the challenges that you face - today. Waiting for an annual survey just doesn’t cut it. New hire surveys, pulse surveys and customizable surveys capture real-time employee satisfaction and feedback, so you can quickly take action.

  • Help new hires feel welcome and heard by collecting targeted feedback throughout their first 90 days
  • Consistently engage employees and give them a voice through quick and easy pulse surveys
  • Monitor and measure employee satisfaction in real-time
  • Uncover issues that need immediate attention to prevent turnover
Get employee feedback using quick and easy pulse surveys

Engage New Hires To Spark Their Success 

Almost 50% of employee turnover in senior care occurs within the first 90 days on the job. That's why it's critical to engage new hires from day one. New hire surveys gather employee feedback on three key areas - communication, cooperation and employee support - to spark new hires' success so they stay long-term.

  • Get new hire feedback with an automated series of surveys sent throughout their first 90 days
  • Prompt managers to check in with new employees to make them feel welcome and heard
  • Easily view satisfaction and performance data for new staff 
  • Ensure a consistent onboarding experience across all communities

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First-Week Onboarding Checklist

Starting a new job can be an overwhelming experience. Our one-page checklist gives you everything you need to ensure a smooth onboarding to build a foundation of success.

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Strengthen Manager-Employee Relationships

The key to a strong culture is consistent manager-employee communication. Prompted messaging and actionable data facilitate communication and conversations - fostering stronger relationships.

  • Instantly communicate with teams to keep everyone connected
  • Use employee performance data to target staff members who deserve recognition or need coaching
  • Focus on new hires to spark their paths to success

Improve employee engagement in long-term care and senior living with this 5-step action plan.

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Recognize & Reward Employees

Your employees do amazing work every day. Don’t let it go unnoticed. The rewards system in OnShift Engage tracks and incentivizes employee behaviors. This not only helps boost employee satisfaction, but also helps you meet organizational goals. Because what gets recognized gets repeated.

  • Automatically award points for key behaviors, performance and contributions
  • Incentivize employees with leaderboards that highlight top performers
  • Encourage next-in-line winners to keep up the good work

Learn the 7 must-have manager qualities to drive engagement.

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Employee Engagement Rewards
"We see OnShift Engage as a way to differentiate our organization and improve employee retention. Employee engagement is one of the top priorities at Altercare, and we are excited to use OnShift Engage to help us achieve this goal."
Dan Leamon, Executive Vice President of Operations
Altercare of Ohio, Inc.

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