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Workforce Analytics Turns Information Into Action

Gaining timely access to workforce information that provides valuable business insights can be difficult when running reports from multiple systems. OnShift's workforce analytics provides a 360° view into staffing so you can quickly make informed decisions.

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Make Decisions Based On Data, Not Guesswork

Get a complete picture of your performance, people and operations with OnShift's actionable workforce insights to dramatically reduce turnover rates, decrease costs and improve the quality and continuity of care. 

Enterprise-Level Reporting

Embedded dashboards, automated alerts & personalized reporting empower leaders at all levels of your organization to drive success.

Data-Driven Automation

Artificial intelligence provides best-fit shift recommendations & automatic assignments.

Proactive Labor Cost Monitoring

Reduce unnecessary labor costs with predictive insights to minimize overtime, agency use, clock-riding & other preventable costs.

Consistent Care Coverage

Gain visibility into potential coverage gaps based on changes in census, resident acuity or service level to mitigate risk.

Staff Satisfaction & Performance

Quickly view staff utilization, performance and satisfaction to avoid potential burnout & turnover.

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Hire With Confidence

Identify true hiring needs

  • Gain deep insights into hiring activities with 60+ hiring reports
  • Optimize your hiring process with quick access to critical metrics such as time to hire, referral sources & more
  • Track hiring activities across all your communities

Prevent Issues Before They Happen

Ensure care, service & compliance

  • Proactively manage staffing gaps & excess labor costs with predictive analytics
  • Quickly manage staffing budgets & identify open shifts all from a single dashboard
  • Monitor utilization rates to maximize staff & spot potential burnout risks
  • Identify & address potential clock riding before it becomes a habit

Up Your Retention Game

Spot potential turnover risks

  • Monitor staff satisfaction across individuals, teams & communities
  • Track individual & team performance to identify areas for improvement
  • Focus on new hire performance to reduce turnover in the first 90 days

Labor Metrics That Matter

What’s measured is managed. And for those in senior care, what’s measured is also what drives operational success. Get a breakdown of the metrics every senior care operator should having their KPI scorecard to ensure success.

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See OnShift In Action

See for yourself why thousands of providers rely on OnShift’s innovative software for recruitment, hiring, workforce management, pay and engagement. Request your personalized demo today. 

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