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OnShift Supports NCAL’s Quality Initiative Goals For Assisted Living

reduce staff turnover and increase staff and resident satisfactionAs an AHCA/NCAL board member, it’s with great pleasure that I get to write this post. The National Center for Assisted Living’s (NCAL) recently announced four priorities in place to guide work for its members – all under the umbrella of the Quality Initiative for Assisted Living.  NCAL aims to:

  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Increase staff and resident satisfaction
  • Lower the use of antipsychotics
  • Cut the number of unnecessary hospital readmissions

These are great goals for all post-acute care providers to work toward, regardless of any professional association affiliation they may have. What these goals all have in common is that they are applicable to and require the attention of all employees at all levels of a post-acute healthcare organization. 

OnShift is committed to the senior living industry and fully supports NCAL’s goals. Our suite of software is designed to help companies achieve the first two goals of reducing staff turnover and increasing resident staff satisfaction. Our mission to solve significant workforce challenges in healthcare is what drives our work day in and day out, and we’ve watched thousands of providers achieve these goals with the help of our software.

So, you may be wondering what features and services exist within the OnShift suite of products that support our customers achieving these goals. Let’s take a look at how our software is helping to drive the senior living industry forward.

  • OnShift Schedule helps providers save time and money and ensure they’re always staffed to provide quality service. Our scheduling software also meets the needs of today’s workforce with mobile schedules and 24/7 access to them and supports better work-life balance. Learn more.
  • OnShift Insight gives providers tools to identify hiring needs based on their unique staffing patterns. Our workforce analytics software also helps organizations avoid costly agency use, unnecessary overtime and staff burnout from working long hours. Learn more.

  • OnShift Engage provides employees with frequent 'pulse' satisfaction surveys, a robust rewards platform, employee performance reporting and messaging tools to foster stronger manager-employee relationships. Our employee engagement software also notably features new hire tracking capabilities to help management more closely focus on employees during the critical first 90 days. Learn more.
  • OnShift Wallet gives employees – 44% of whom are under severe financial stress – access to earned but unpaid wages between paychecks at zero risk to providers. Our financial wellness software gives employees peace of mind, which has been linked to better engagement and performance. Learn more.

All four of these software products improve life for employees so they provide better care for your residents. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s the kind of success that our customers relay to us on a daily basis.

“OnShift has been a hit among staff – the feedback has been very positive. Staff satisfaction is up. With OnShift, we don’t hear scheduling complaints anymore. I’m proud to say that we’re doing a lot less exit interviews because our turnover is down 15.6%. By implementing programs that matter to our employees, we have created an environment where people enjoy coming to work. They are smiling more. This is apparent to other employees, our residents and their families.”

– Ben Thompson, VP of Development, Senior Living Communities

I encourage you to contact us to learn how OnShift can help you better support your employees and residents and achieve NCAL’s Quality Initiative goals.

Learn how one senior living community boosted employee satisfaction and gained better insight into scheduling gaps to ensure quality resident service.


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