Make your senior care organization the place to work

Make Your Senior Care Organization A Place Employees Want To Work

With high turnover and fierce competition for talent in senior care, the only way to thrive is by developing a workplace where employees want to work. Fuel a workforce that goes above and beyond with OnShift. Our software drives employee engagement by focusing on what matters most - your people.

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Engage & Retain Your Employees

Today's workforce is an entirely new breed - with different motivators and desires than prior generations. Attract people to your organization - and retain them - by developing a workplace culture that fosters communications, work-life balance and rewards with OnShift.


Reward employees and boost employee engagement and productivity

Reward Staff

Automated points-based rewards system tracks and incentivizes employee behaviors to boost staff satisfaction and productivity.

Ease employee stress

Show You Care

Ease employee financial stress by offering access to their earned money - before payday - so they can better manage their expenses.

Facilitate communication and strengthening relationships with your staff

Talk More

Prompted messaging and actionable data facilitate communication - strengthening relationships among all employees.

Promote work-life balance with best-fit schedules

Easily Manage Shifts

Promote work-life balance and best-fit schedules with our mobile app that puts everything employees need at their fingertips.

Deploy pulse surveys for quick feedback

Listen More

Give employees a voice with quick and easy pulse surveys that capture real-time satisfaction and feedback.

Improve the quality of your hires

Hire Right & Keep 'Em

Improve the quality of hires and spark new employees' path to success with onboarding alerts and dashboard highlights.