Workforce Analytics Software

Workforce Analytics Software

Make informed staffing decisions based on data, not guesswork. Use OnShift® Insight™ to determine the utilization of your staff so adjustments can be made to improve staff satisfaction while avoiding overtime and agency use.

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  • Proactive Hiring Recommendations

    Pinpoint positions you need to hire based on analysis of your staffing patterns.

  • What-If Hiring Scenarios

    Model scenarios to target positions with the greatest impact so you can prioritize positions to fill.

  • Staff Capacity & Utilization Analysis

    Easily identify staffing gaps with one-click calculations of your staff utilization.


Workforce Analytics Dashboard

See The Gaps

Automatically identify positions to hire through in-depth analysis of employee utilization and staffing patterns from OnShift Schedule.

  • Right-size staffing with proactive hiring recommendations
  • Make hiring decisions based on data, not guesswork
  • At-a-glance dashboards highlight staffing utilization analysis and key trends 

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Workforce Analytics Dashboard in action

Staffing Like A Champ In Senior Care

Go from pretender to contender with these impactful staffing strategies to ensure quality care, reduce costs and increase staff satisfaction.

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Model Hiring Scenarios

Perform what-if hiring scenarios to target positions that have the greatest effect on organizational performance and easily determine the impact of adjusting staffing plans.

Ready to start hiring? Streamline the process with OnShift's applicant tracking software for senior care.

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Staffing Planner application
“Before OnShift, we were looking more at historical data, and trying to make changes. Now, with OnShift, we can look into the future, and actually take action on that data before it happens.”
Chris Stach, Director of HR Support
Altercare of Ohio, Inc.

Understand Your Staffing & Hiring Needs In An Instant

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