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Gamifying Employee Attendance To Reduce Excess Labor Costs In Senior Care

July 23, 2021 | Michelle Maly

Gamifying Employee Attendance To Reduce Labor CostsEmployee engagement software, at its core, is meant to boost staff satisfaction and reduce turnover. And we created OnShift Engage back in 2017 to achieve both of those things through automated rewards and recognition, employee performance tracking and pulse satisfaction surveys.

As John Brigham, CEO of Washington Odd Fellows Home puts it, our employee engagement software gives providers “a snapshot of the overall health of their workforce.”

We love to see that this level of visibility is helping our customers to diagnose and address employee performance and satisfaction issues before they lead to turnover. And we’ve seen some excellent improvements as a result. Some examples include a 45% increase in staff satisfaction for one organization and a 54% reduction in turnover for another. With the cost to replace a single employee estimated at upwards of $3,500, these savings can really add up for providers in the long term.

But turnover expenses aren’t the only savings providers utilizing OnShift Engage are experiencing. In fact, we’ve found that organizations are also cutting excess labor costs from incremental and frictional overtime. How? By gamifying employee attendance.

In addition to collecting employee feedback, OnShift Engage gives hourly workers the ability to earn reward points for consecutive and on-time punches. This not only encourages employees to show up for their scheduled shifts, but to arrive to work on time. Once a streak of perfect attendance is achieved, employees are rewarded further for hitting attendance milestones such as punching on time for ten consecutive shifts.

OnShift’s mobile app empowers staff members to track their own progress and see the points they’ve earned, providing instant gratification and positive reinforcement. Similarly, OnShift Engage’s easy-to-use dashboard gives management visibility into how their team is performing.

By using a rewards program that is tied to attendance, employees know exactly what’s expected of them and providers can reduce excess labor costs incurred because of agency use or overtime. It’s as simple as it sounds. An employee that works ten shifts in a row without calling off or clocking in early equates to a savings of about $570. With encouragement from management, accountability through the mobile app and overall performance rankings inciting some friendly competition, a 25-employee community could save as much as $14,250.

Our goal at OnShift is to help redefine the employee experience and modern technology and gamification is one way we’re helping providers do just that. If you’re interested in learning more about how OnShift not only helps providers reduce turnover but save money in a way that is fun and rewarding for employees, request your demo today.

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