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OnShift Is A Win For Singh Senior Living At All Levels

January 26, 2023 | Rachel Gee

Hear directly from Aaron Fendberg, Director of Human Resources at Singh Senior Living:


“I'm Aaron Fendberg. I'm the Director of Human Resources for Singh, so I oversee all the HR for the company overall both on the senior living side, as well as the other areas of business that we operate in. We just opened our 12th community in Raleigh, Waltonwood Lake Boone.


“We're going to continue to grow and open new communities, and OnShift definitely is going to help us with that growth because, right away, we have a vehicle to schedule our associates, to reward our associates, to engage with them, and that's going to be great as we continue to open up more communities going forward. If we had to do this all over again, a hundred percent I would recommend OnShift. I'd recommend OnShift to anyone in my position, or anyone that's looking at this software. There's no question that OnShift's a no-brainer.


“OnShift is a differentiator for us. There's a lot of competition coming up in senior living in our market, specifically in the Detroit market. If an associate has the ability today to earn a reward of additional paid time off through Engage, or they have the ability to access money that they've earned but hasn't been paid yet through OnShift Wallet, that's definitely a differentiator that they'll stay with us versus going to a competitor.


“OnShift Wallet for us was definitely a no-brainer to implement because it was something that was no cost to the organization, but allowed our associates to take earned, but not yet paid income and have access to that immediately. If they had a bill they needed to pay or an emergency that came up, they'd be able to have access to those funds immediately instead of waiting two weeks until payday came along. It's been very successful, and we've seen over $115,000 accessed from about 100 of our associates over the past several months. It shows that people are using it, and they're using it more than once. It's not just for a one-time bill. Sometimes they're using it maybe every pay period, and it's something that definitely differentiates us from our competitors.


“We did just make a decision to overhaul all of our software that we use for HR: benefits, time and attendance, payroll. The only piece that I didn't even give as an option to switch was our scheduling software, because OnShift has been such a great partner for us and while that same software vendor has a scheduling piece, we know that it's not going to do the same things for it that OnShift will.


“There are so many features and benefits that OnShift offers that wouldn't have been offered in the other software piece that it was a no-brainer to stay with OnShift for them. And again, that strategic partnership we have with OnShift that can give us a second set of eyes that isn't involved day to day in our business, but is involved in the senior living staffing business, can really provide our staff with some insights, some reporting to look at, different ways of looking at things that can help our business moving forward.


“Labor is definitely our number one expense, but it's also our greatest asset. So to be able to really manage our workforce, engage with our workforce, reward them, develop them, is going to make or break us into the future. If we had to do this all over again, 100% I would recommend OnShift, and I'd recommend OnShift to anyone in my position or anyone that's looking at this software. There's no question that OnShift's a no-brainer."


Learn more about how OnShift is supporting Singh Senior Living and thousands of other long-term care and senior living organizations. Request a free demo or check out additional case studies.




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