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Oaks Senior Living Gains Competitive Hiring Advantage With OnShift

January 19, 2023 | Rachel Gee

Hear directly from Andrew Greeson, Director of Operations at Oaks Senior Living:

"I think the job of being a caregiver, or care partner, is really difficult and really challenging, and a lot of times our care partners just need to be heard and they need to have a voice. I think the OnShift surveys give us an opportunity to know exactly what people are thinking and feeling. It gives us an opportunity to start the conversation with staff instead of guessing on what they're feeling.


"It gives us a great snapshot on what the morale is in the community and we're getting with our teams and talking about employees that may be at risk, not happy, or that will be possibly leaving us and what we're able to do to keep them.


"The surveys are a great tool to use in having those conversations and hearing what the staff are going through. When we started using OnShift and everybody understood it at that point and what its purpose was, I think we saw reduction in turnover. It saves us a lot of time with our directors and what we're asking them to do, efficiency is very high on the list. I really feel like OnShift has a focus on culture as we do, employee engagement, and what are you doing to retain staff.


"With our partnership with OnShift there's always check-ins, which I appreciate quite a bit. And then going forward, 'What are your challenges? What are the things that you guys need help with?' which to me, I love that. It pretty much spells it out for you when you create a schedule. When you're looking at your dashboard of, 'OK, this is going to put me into so many hours of overtime and then we're over with labor costs,' it makes it very simple for even someone that doesn't have a lot of scheduling experience. And, of course, when you create your template and you're creating your schedule, you know exactly how many people that you need to put on your schedule, you know exactly how many you are short. And then of course, the ability to send messages and shift requests, it really spells it out clearly.


"OnShift Wallet was a huge addition for us. I mean, I can remember as an executive director doing all kinds of things, buying groceries for people, just trying to help. And it was almost like, when I became an executive director, I was all about the residents, but you quickly learned that the bigger ministry is within your own staff. There's a lot of needs that are there. So when we learned about OnShift Wallet, it was like one of the greatest things that we were able to implement because it solved a lot of issues that we were having with staff.


"And from the staff's perspective, I think they really appreciate it. They really like that, before payday comes they're able to receive some sort of compensation to pay a bill or to do whatever they need. And I think it separates us from other people. I don't know that every company has the ability to do something like that for their staff. We advertise it as part of our employee engagement program too. It's a good feature to offer our team. But OnShift Wallet is huge. If we ever took that away from our staff, I think there would be a revolt."


Learn more about how OnShift is supporting Oaks Senior Living and thousands of other long-term care and senior living organizations. Request a free demo or check out additional case studies.

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