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5 Recruiting Tips: How To Avoid Losing Quality Candidates

May 18, 2018 | Tommy Marzella

5 recruiting tipsCompetition for talent is at an all-time high in the senior care industry, making it all the more important that your hiring process is organized, efficient and candidate-centric. The candidate’s experience – including how long your process takes – can make or break their decision to work for your organization.

A negative recruiting experience could have other potential consequences, like a poor review on Glassdoor and a bad reputation, further hindering your hiring efforts.

Here are five quick recruiting tactics to help you reel in candidates and ensure their first interaction with your organization is positive.

1. Review Your Online Brand 
With the rise of review sites like Glassdoor, your employees have the ability to talk publicly about your company like never before. From highlighting the best parts, to the areas that need improvement, job seekers have immediate access to the opinions of current and former employees. By creating an administrator account you can respond to the good and the bad to show candidates that you care about employee opinions and are taking the necessary steps to correct what isn’t working.

2. Make Your Careers Page Mobile-Friendly
A rising number of candidates are applying for jobs on their smartphones. Make your applications mobile-friendly to accommodate this trend and increase the number of applications you receive. Your applications should be as simple as possible -- free of barriers, such as a lengthy, complex forms and questions that are difficult to fill out on a mobile device.

3. Promote Your Perks To Sell The Job
Today's competition for talent is fierce, so don't hold back from communicating all the nice things you do for your employees on your careers page and in individual job postings. Brag about the benefits and employee perks you offer like a rewards program, financial wellness software and career development. Consider including a video or written testimonial with a current employee saying what they love about working for your organization.

4. Respond To Applications ASAP
Getting back to your applicants quickly is key for a two reasons. First, they are likely applying to several jobs at once and, in many cases, the company who responds first is the winner. And secondly, regardless of whether you’re interested in interviewing the candidate or they aren’t the right fit for the job – you should always respond and let them know where they stand in the process. Doing so creates a bond of trust through transparency.

5. Streamline The Screening Process
Have a streamlined process in place for background checks, reference checks and drug screenings, and partner with a background screening provider who is known for quality checks and quick turnaround times. It's also important to hammer out what findings merit a hire and what findings would disqualify the candidate. Above all, clearly communicate directions to your candidates and move the process along in a timely manner. 

Remember, the recruiting process is your chance to make a stellar first impression with a candidate, so don't skimp on creating one that is organized, efficient and ensures the best experience possible.

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