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Touchstone Communities Cuts Costs by $1.7M While Increasing Workforce Consistency Through the OnShift + ShiftKey Partnership

July 6, 2023 | Rachel Gee

The Challenge

The perpetual staffing shortages created unprecedented workforce challenges that led Touchstone, like many organizations, to rely on numerous staffing agencies to fill critical openings. This was not only financially crippling, but a scheduling nightmare as temporary workers were scheduled using disparate systems that made it difficult for leadership to gain a clear, accurate picture of staffing levels.

“We, like most senior care providers, went through a time where we had numerous open positions. Luckily, we have great team members who often would step up and fill those shifts,” says Kummala. “But, as time went on and working extra shifts became more frequent, our team members became tired, and we needed to provide them more balance.”

The Solution

Touchstone Communities enrolled eight of their communities in a pilot initiative that combined the power of OnShift’s workforce management platform with ShiftKey, the largest, most robust marketplace for independent healthcare professionals in the industry.

SAMI (Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration), delivered by ShiftKey + OnShift, provides Touchstone a complete view of their schedule. SAMI shows their internal team members and independent healthcare professionals in one system. With this new technology, Touchstone Communities can manage their total workforce schedule proactively and cost effectively.

The Results

By utilizing SAMI, Touchstone Communities no longer need to rely on multiple staffing agencies. Touchstone automatically posts PRN shifts that occur within the next seven days on ShiftKey. This timeframe provides internal team members plenty of time to request openings and gives independent healthcare professionals more opportunity to pick up those shifts without Touchstone needing to post expensive premium shifts.

With SAMI, Touchstone has been able to:

  • Realize $1.7M in annual savings
  • Reduce unfilled shifts by 89%
  • Save 500 hours in administrative time per community
  • Achieve 100% total workforce visibility

Learn more about how Touchstone is winning with SAMI. Check out the full case study or schedule a demo

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