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St Andrew’s at Francis Place Combats Rural Hiring & Retention Challenges with OnShift

July 18, 2023 | Rachel Gee

St. Andrew’s at Francis Place provides long-term skilled nursing care and short-term Medicare rehabilitation in Eureka, MO. Francis Place is one of 10 communities in St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System, a faith-based, not-for-profit organization in Missouri. 


Key Challenges 

  • Administrative, manual tasks of collecting employee feedback, tracking employee performance, and fairly delivering employee rewards were burdensome 
  • A small available candidate pool and high competition 
  • Budgets didn’t always allow Francis Place to match competing wages, so perks and benefits were playing a bigger role in recruitment 


The Solutions 

OnShift Schedule and OnShift Engage 


The Strategies 

  • Automated rewards management reduces administrative time and scheduling gaps 
  • Improve staff satisfaction by consistently capturing feedback 
  • Differentiate the organization with mobile employee scheduling to improve recruitment and retention 


The Results 

  • 92% drop off in employee call offs 
  • 38% increase in shift requests 
  • 8% increase in employee satisfaction 
  • Total nursing staff turnover is 13% lower than the state average 
  • 54% of the 1100+ surveys sent in 2022 included voluntary comments 
  • Nearly 100% of staff members are on the OnShift mobile app 


“OnShift is truly an asset. It helps me know who’s in the building. It helps me see where the gaps are and the employees that I might need. But it’s not just a scheduling tool. It also helps me to show appreciation to my employees in a way that’s not just me handing them something. It’s because they’ve worked for it and I’m showing my appreciation for what they’re doing for our company.” — Darla Shular, Human Resource Manager at St. Andrew’s at Francis Place 


Ready to learn more or see how OnShift can help your organization combat hiring and retention challenges? Read the full case study or contact us now. 


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