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Experience the Value of SAMI: Maximizing Care While Managing Costs

April 2, 2024 | OnShift

The previous exploration of SAMI’s value delved into its revolutionary scheduling capabilities and stress-free management benefits. Building on that foundation, this second post in the series shifts the focus towards optimizing workforce costs and confidently growing census with SAMI

Learn how SAMI's strategic tools and integration with advanced analytics help maintain high-quality care within budget and also adjust workforce dynamically to meet changing patient needs, ensuring operational excellence in senior care.

Optimizing workforce costs

SAMI isn't just a scheduling solution it's a powerful ally for facilities looking to optimize workforce costs. By providing a complete view of your schedule — showing your employees and independent healthcare professionals in one place — communities can more conveniently and easily manage their workforce budgets and goals.

Budgeting analytics & HPPD: One significant challenge in healthcare scheduling is maintaining high quality of care while staying within budget. To address this, SAMI incorporates 'schedule-to-budget' analytics. By tracking HPPD, you can see if you are overstaffing or understaffing based on your budget and number of patients and residents. SAMI allows facilities to compare their target HPPD with actual HPPD, ensuring you stay on track with your budget.

Visualizing and managing coverage: With SAMI, facilities can see how close they are to their workforce goals and whether they need to make adjustments. With visibility into your total workforce, it’s easier to see gaps, manage coverage and adjust schedules while ensuring you stay within budgetary constraints. By significantly reducing unfilled shifts, SAMI empowers facilities to overcome staffing challenges, combat burnout, and elevate the quality of care provided. SAMI customers reduced unfilled shifts up to 90%, helping their teams beat burnout and increase quality of care.*

Touchstone saves $1.7M: With SAMI, Touchstone gained a complete view of their schedule, showing their internal team members and independent workers in one system. With SAMI, Touchstone saved $1.7M annually by optimizing workforce costs, reduced unfilled shifts by 89%, saved 500 hours in administrative time per community and gained 100% total workforce visibility.

SAMI brings an intelligent, streamlined approach to workforce management. It helps ensure high-quality care for patients and does so in a cost-effective manner, proving to be an invaluable asset for senior care facilities.

Growing census 6% and more

Growing census with confidence is important in senior care, and SAMI, integrated with OnShift’s robust analytics, supports this by ensuring workforce levels match patient needs seamlessly. In just six months of using SAMI, our customers witnessed a remarkable 6% increase in census, leading to an impressive $40 million in annualized revenue*. This growth underscores SAMI's ability to optimize operational efficiency.

SAMI empowers facilities to dynamically adjust worker numbers in response to fluctuating census, promoting optimal workforce utilization. OnShift’s analytics seamlessly provide real-time insights for proactive decision-making. Facilities can monitor trends, forecast workforce requirements, and manage costs effectively, setting the stage for informed, strategic planning and growth. SAMI  enables a smart, data-driven approach to facilitating growth with confidence.

From census growth to budget optimization

In this exploration on optimizing workforce costs and growing census with SAMI, you've seen how SAMI's analytics and strategic tools bolster operational efficiency and help ensure care quality within budget constraints. We now even have the ability to establish spending limits based on your needs forecast to keep you in full command of your budget. 

The next and final post focuses on the heart of healthcare — delivering high-quality care and enhancing employee engagement through SAMI. Discover how SAMI supports care facilities in fostering a positive work environment while ensuring top-tier patient care. Maximize the potential of your care operations with SAMI.

Curious to see SAMI in action and discover its potential for your facility? Schedule a demo today and witness firsthand the benefits SAMI can bring to your healthcare community. Let SAMI guide you towards a brighter, more efficient and employee-friendly future.

*Reported results are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future users will achieve the same or similar results.

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