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OnShift’s Top Blog Posts of 2021

December 28, 2021 | Elise Walton

Recruitment. Management. Retention. These are the topics that stand out when we look through our most popular blog posts from the past year, and that’s not surprising. With a competitive hiring landscape and vaccine mandates, staffing became more challenging in 2021, especially for healthcare communities. 

At OnShift we’re dedicated to bringing the senior care industry the latest workforce best practices. Here are the top strategies we learned from working with our team of experts, customers and industry partners.  

  1. New Gallup Research: The 6 Key Steps Every Employee Onboarding Program Needs 
    First impressions matter, and keeping top talent starts with a positive onboarding experience. In our most viewed blog post of the year, we give you the key takeaways from Gallup’s research on the employee experience and list how you can improve onboarding at your organization. 
  2. The Top 5 Senior Care Employee Retention Strategies In 2021 
    An AHCA survey conducted this year found that 94% of nursing homes are facing staffing shortages. Increasing pay can move the needle, but the key to retaining staff goes beyond wages. This post gives you ideas, based on industry surveys and customer feedback, to keep employees engaged and happy. 
  3. Providers Creatively Encourage Staff Members To Take The COVID-19 Vaccine 
    The majority of nursing home residents took the COVID-19 vaccine early into its availability, but a significant number of frontline works were still hesitant. Wide vaccine adoption is crucial to keeping communities healthy, so we asked our customers what they have been doing to educate employees about the vaccine and encourage an uptick in vaccination rates. 
  4. New & Notable: Recruitment & Retention Strategies For The Vaccine Mandate Era 
    Vaccine discussions with employees became even more crucial after President Biden announced that all nursing home staff must be vaccinated to continue to receive Medicare and Medicaid funding. In this blog post, we share lessons learned from case studies where vaccine mandates were successfully deployed while retaining employees. 
  5. Will CMS Use New Method To Calculate Skilled Nursing Staff Turnover? 
    An average registered nurse turnover rate of 140.7%, as reported in a Health Affairs study, is alarming and indicates a shift in reporting methodology. In this post, we dig into this approach to healthcare employee data to show what it could mean for your organization. 
  6. How To Use Positive Reinforcement To Motivate & Engage Senior Care Employees 
    Positive reinforcement is, unsurprisingly, better than negative reinforcement when it comes to motivating employees to do their best work. We list six ways to establish a culture of positive reinforcement so you can encourage staff success and loyalty.  
  7. How Skilled Nursing Facilities Can Prepare For Inevitable Staffing Ratio Increases 
    The pandemic led to changes in state-level staffing requirements for nursing homes, which many facilities can find difficult to achieve. We cover recent mandates and offer guidance on how providers can best prepare to meet increased staffing requirements.  
  8. OnShift Employ Helps Providers Safely Recruit & Hire During COVID-19 
    The goal of OnShift Employ is to help healthcare organizations quickly source, recruit, screen, hire and onboard candidates with streamlined processes. Using real customer data, we show how OnShift Employ has increased applications, reduced time to hire, and reduced recruitment spend for senior care facilities. 
  9. The Top 3 Senior Care Recruitment Strategies In 2021 
    Even with the right tools, long-term care and senior living providers need to implement recruitment best practices and get creative to successfully attract new employees in this competitive labor market. We cover how you can adjust your messaging, targeting and process to get more applicants. 
  10. CEO Sit Down: Why Financial Wellness Is The New Essential Perk In Senior Care 
    OnShift CEO, Mark Woodka, had a conversation with Safwan Shah, Payactiv CEO, about the value of earned wage access for caregivers and the results we’re seeing with OnShift Wallet. You can watch their fireside chat and read the highlights of their session in the blog post. 

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