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OnShift Employ Helps Providers Safely Recruit & Hire During COVID-19

OnShift Employ Helps Providers Safely Recruit & Hire During COVID-19Just before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, OnShift released our robust talent acquisition software, OnShift Employ. The goal of OnShift Employ is to help healthcare organizations source, recruit, screen, hire and onboard candidates with lightning-fast efficiencies and streamline processes for all their hiring needs.

No one felt the devastating effects of the virus quite like senior care organizations. And as employees began calling off and even leaving their jobs out of fear, providers across the country were left scrambling to fill shifts in order to provide the best quality care to their residents. In response, organizations ramped up their recruiting efforts, not only to ensure proper staffing, but to offer their hardworking employees extra support and prevent burnout during the pandemic.

We are so thrilled that OnShift Employ has been able to help providers in this effort. Our end-to-end talent acquisition software has given recruiters the ability to seamlessly conduct hiring activities online, in a touchless and safe manner.

Many customers have been able to hire more efficiently and effectively during these challenging times and report that OnShift Employ has led not only to an uptick in applications, but to results such as…

    • A 75% increase in the number of applications
    • A 35% reduction in time to hire
    • $60,000 savings in annual recruitment ad spend

A recent survey by OnShift revealed that finding and hiring qualified candidates is the top workforce challenge facing the senior care industry today. At a time when many organizations are struggling to source new employees, reduce recruitment ad spend and speed up the time to hire, our software has proven to be valuable for providers in all three of these areas. And as the pandemic continues to impact our industry, hiring software like OnShift Employ can be a huge differentiator in helping senior care organizations meet their hiring goals.

Customer Success Story: SeniorCare EMS

New York City-based SeniorCare EMS was relying on manual recruiting and hiring processes, which often led to slow time to hire, inconsistent candidate experiences and internal inefficiencies. Like many providers we work with, they recognized they needed to make a change – and that change meant bringing in the right technology.

OnShift Employ helped them streamline their processes, use data to hire quality candidates and improve the recruiter and candidate experience. They were able to…

    • Reduce shift vacancies by 35%
    • Save 20% in recruitment budget (for use in other high-value areas)
    • Improve quality of hires and increase employee retention

Want to see what else SeniorCare EMS was able to achieve with OnShift Employ?


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