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OnShift Helps Singh Senior Living Achieve Workforce Success

April 18, 2023 | Rachel Gee

We sat down with the team at Singh Senior Living to hear about their experience with OnShift. Below is a transcript of our conversation with Aaron Fenberg, director of human resources at Singh, Fatou Ceesay, wellness coordinator at Waltonwood Lakeside, and Nakia Williams, scheduling coordinator at Waltonwood Lakeside.

Fatou Ceesay:

The employees are very happy in regards to the OnShift mobile app because again, they have their schedule right with them. Anywhere they go, everywhere they go, they can look up their schedule.


Aaron Fenberg:

The engagement piece with OnShift Engage, our schedule, and with Wallet allows us to really engage with our associates in different ways than we were before using OnShift, and it has been very impactful.


Nakia Williams:

It's the big deal on the floor with the caregivers and the med techs. They talk about it a lot. They're really eager to get points, so they're making sure they're more responsible with clocking in on time, clocking out on time, and punching in and out for their lunch breaks.


Fatou Ceesay:

The most common reaction that I get is like, this is really cool. This is not something that I had in my previous job.


Aaron Fenberg:

I mean, OnShift is a differentiator for us. There's a lot of competition coming up in senior living in our market, specifically in the Detroit market.


Fatou Ceesay:

I will not be happy and I know a lot of the care staff will not be happy if we were to ever get rid of OnShift. I will definitely recommend OnShift to any organization, obviously that's not using it currently.


Nakia Williams:

Definitely I would recommend OnShift to a different scheduler. It makes life easier.


Aaron Fenberg:

Yeah. If we had to do this all over again, a hundred percent, I would recommend OnShift, and I'd recommend OnShift to anyone in my position or anyone that's looking at this software. There's no question that OnShift's a no-brainer.


Learn more about how OnShift is supporting Singh Senior Living and thousands of other long-term care and senior living organizations. Request a free demo or check out additional case studies.


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