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5 Time & Attendance Must-Haves For A Better Employee Experience

February 25, 2022 | Cari Rosenberger

Boosting retention and improving the employee experience is a top priority for many long-term care and senior living providers. In fact, a recent survey found that 83% of providers are placing a high priority on employee engagement and retention initiatives in 2022. But when examining your current employee experience, it’s important to look beyond just the programs and benefits you offer and consider the technology that’s impacting the daily lives of your workforce.

The timeclock is the first thing your employees see when they walk in and the last thing they see when they walk out. Having your employees stand in line, wait for the system to reboot, and then get an error when punching is no way to start or end the day. Add in an inaccurate paycheck and your timekeeping system could end up causing a major headache for your employees. To avoid this, here are the 5 time and attendance must-haves to ensure employees aren’t left frustrated.

1. Mobility: Eliminate traditional timeclocks

Traditional timeclocks, no matter how new or innovative they claim to be, are often bulky and difficult to use. Not to mention they come at a hefty cost for providers, costing upwards of $3000 to own, as well as ongoing maintenance fees.

Mobile time and attendance systems offer a modern experience on devices your employees are already familiar with, including tablets and smartphones. Look for software that offers intuitive menus and simplifies basic tasks such as punching in and out or transferring positions.

For the ultimate convenience, allow employees to turn their smartphone into their own personal timeclock. This can reduce costs on your end as well as time spent troubleshooting device issues. And for employees, it means never having to wait in line to punch again.

2. Simplicity: Eliminates punch errors/restrictions.

Biometrics are highly effective in helping to reduce buddy punching which, according to the American Payroll Association (APA), affects 75% of businesses. However, it’s important to recognize that not all biometrics provide the same experience for employees.

For example, fingerprint scanners are often faulty and restrict employees from being able to punch in due to a faulty scan. And throughout the pandemic, they’ve become yet another thing that must be continuously cleaned and disinfected.

State-of-the-art facial recognition biometrics make clocking in as simple as taking a selfie. And because it’s the only biometric that is visually auditable, staff never have to be restricted from punching due to a low biometric score. Instead, managers can be alerted to these discrepancies for approval, without the employee being stopped from punching in or out.

The facial recognition technology within OnShift’s time and attendance system utilizes the facial coordinates of the face to continuously learn who is punching over time, reducing the occurrence of low biometric scores and exceptions which must be managed.

3. Convenience: Accept punches even if the device is offline

One of the biggest issues we hear from customers looking to upgrade their time and attendance software is that their current system doesn’t allow employees to punch when the device is offline due to wifi issues. As a result, employees must report their time on paper, which is not only inefficient, but prone to inaccuracies.

The last thing any employee wants is to be stopped from punching in or out for the day. Make sure your timekeeping system allows punches to be stored on the device internally, even if it is offline. Once connections are restored, those punches can be instantly synced, ensuring accuracy.

4. Transparency: Provide visibility into punch history

Today’s employees want on demand access to the things that matter most to them such as their schedule, pay, and their time. Providing visibility into punch history let’s employees be more proactive when it comes to the accuracy of their timecard. It gives them the insights they need to address any potential corrections or missing punches before their time is submitted to payroll.

Visibility into hours worked during a pay period can also help them anticipate their pay, so they can better plan for expenses.

5. Accuracy: Allow employees to easily approve their timecard

No employee wants to receive their paycheck only to discover an error. This is frustrating for employees and time consuming for providers to correct. Therefore, it’s essential to give employees visibility into their timecard prior to any managerial approvals or payroll processing.

OnShift’s time and attendance system makes it simple for employees to electronically approve their timecards on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This small step gives them the chance to review for any potential issues or errors and have them addressed before they go to payroll. Having this level of ownership over their time can go a long way in boosting satisfaction and reducing the need for historical corrections after payday.

Want to hear more about how technology can help you build a better employee experience at your organization? Check out our recent webinar Technology, Trust & Transparency: Building An Employee Experience That Works for more on how today’s technology can help you boost staff satisfaction and overall engagement.


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