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Meet Our Newest Partner: A Q&A With Viventium

November 18, 2021 | Cari Rosenberger

Whether in business or in life, having the right partner by your side can help you do and achieve more. And this is something we at OnShift consider before entering into any partnership. In order to join our network of partners, the vendor must offer a best-in-class solution that extends the value of our human capital management (HCM) platform and supports our mission to deliver a great employee experience.

With this in mind, we’re excited to introduce you to our newest partner for HRIS & payroll—Viventium. We recently sat down with them for a brief Q&A. Here’s what they had to say.

1. Who is Viventium?

Viventium is a human capital management (HCM) company that started over 30 years ago as a payroll-only provider and has expanded to a full-service HCM company servicing all 50 of the United States.

We specialize in providing payroll and HR services to senior care and skilled nursing facilities as well as home care, home health and hospice agencies. We are headquartered in New Jersey, but like many other software companies, we have employees all over the country.

2. What are the key challenges you see facing senior care providers today?

There are a few in particular, but I think it is worth saying that everyone in the health industry today is challenged by the shortage of workers – senior care in particular! There are more job openings for nursing staff than workers to fill the roles. By 2025, the U.S. will face a shortage of approximately 95,000 nursing assistants, 86,000 registered nurses and 29,400 nurse practitioners. This isn’t even including the nearly 500,000 home health aides needed.

As far as challenges in paying and retaining employees, I would say the first is pay complexity and transparency. Keeping track of retroactive pay, overtime, shift differentials, blended rates, complex PTO – the list goes on and on – is a daunting task. So many people have to be able to trust their technology in order to deliver accurate pay to employees.

The second is complexity. This presents itself not only in pay calculations, but also in aggregating data when juggling multiple facilities.

For example, with facilities in multiple states, selecting the correct tax profile for employees can be challenging. Facilities need features like geo tax location to help streamline this process in order to remain in compliance.

Another complexity is in varying payroll schedules. With facilities in different locations with hundreds of employees in each location, you need visibility into where you are in the process with each payroll run every pay period.

And a third challenge is the need for frictionless integration. Our clients use multiple systems that need to integrate with their payroll and HCM platform. We have to be able to help facilities achieve success in all parts of their workflow, which can be done through API integrations.

3. How does Viventium help address these challenges?

Flexible software that can handle complex pay:

The first is through our payroll platform, Viventium Software, which is built to handle complexity. Remember those challenges I just mentioned when calculating pay (retroactive pay, overtime, blended rates, etc.)? Couple those with keeping up to date with federal, state and local wage laws and you have yourself one challenging payroll.

Automation is key in this industry. Your human capital management software should be there to simplify this for you. Our software is designed to handle all of the little things that figure into wage calculations so that employers don’t have to do a ton of extra work to achieve accurate pay.

Expert guidance from those who understand unique challenges:

We are very proud of our 90%+ client retention rate. We offer a dedicated health services team who is well versed in the world of senior care and skilled nursing payroll. We paid over 235,000 health care workers and generated more than 350,000 W2s in 2020.

We’re here to provide expertise to ease the burden facilities face in meeting their payroll and HR compliance obligations so they can focus on their expertise: providing quality care.

Delivering frictionless integrations with key partners:

OnShift and Viventium clients have the ability to leverage data from OnShift’s time & attendance, scheduling and engagement software with Viventium’s onboarding, payroll, HRIS and benefits administration systems. It’s the best of both worlds! Frictionless integration means unification – where all of your systems communicate with ease, making your human capital management experience and workforce management experience a breeze.

4. Why are OnShift & Viventium partnering together?

When two companies have top-notch solutions within the same industry, it just makes sense to partner. Both of our companies have complementary offerings, so any facility can outfit their organization with best-in-class software, from scheduling to time and attendance, to payroll, to benefits administration, and so much more. Between our two organizations, we can help facilities achieve the results they are looking for in workforce management and human capital management. Additionally, we communicate! It is one thing to “say you partner” and another to “act as a partnership.”

Our CEO, Dan Neuburger, said it best: “Senior living and skilled nursing providers are seeking products and services tailored to their unique needs.” “Together, Viventium and OnShift can provide a comprehensive combination of industry-specific solutions across the spectrum of human capital management needs so facilities are equipped to succeed in an increasingly complex market.”

5. How can a partnership like this benefit my organization?

We know and acknowledge that nobody wakes up in the morning and says, “I can’t wait to go shopping for new software.” But the truth is, the right combination of software can make all the difference in your day-to-day.

When you can leverage data across our two platforms and enjoy a seamless flow of employee, HR, payroll and time and labor management data – you will be more efficient and effective. And the result is reduced excess labor costs and a much more modern employee experience. We feel like that is a win.

Interested in learning more about how OnShift and Viventium are working together to help senior care providers achieve success? Request a demo today.


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