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Introducing OnShift Schedule X: The Future Of Workforce Scheduling Is Here

September 27, 2023 | OnShift

For over a decade, OnShift has been dedicated to the long-term care and senior living industry. During that time, we have established ourselves as the leading experts in senior care workforce scheduling, working with over 7000 communities to ensure they have the technology and best practices they need to meet changing workforce demands. And now, we are excited to launch the next generation of our industry-leading workforce scheduling software, OnShift Schedule X.

Developed in collaboration with hundreds of long-term care and senior living communities, OnShift Schedule X propels facilities into the future by delivering the simplicity, flexibility and insights needed to drive success.

Currently, over 150 communities rely on OnShift Schedule X to help them effortlessly fill shifts, control costs and ensure continuity of care to accelerate growth. Initial customer results include:

  • 100% scheduler satisfaction rating
  • 300 hours scheduling time saved annually
  • 50% reduction in overtime hours
  • 2.5 hours average scheduler training time
  • 100% total workforce transparency

With OnShift Schedule X, senior care organizations have the data-driven insights they need to optimize scheduling strategies and quickly adapt to meet changing demand.

In addition, OnShift Schedule X can be fully integrated with SAMI (Schedule Automation Marketplace Integration). Delivered by ShiftKey + OnShift, this award-winning solution helps communities embrace the total workforce by automatically accessing the ShiftKey marketplace to fill selected shifts with best-fit independent professionals.

We want to extend a big thank you to all the long-term care and senior living organizations that participated in the development of OnShift Schedule X. Input and feedback from the industry will continue to fuel the future of this product to ensure communities always have access to an intuitive system that allows them to optimize resources and fill shifts consistently.

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