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How To Be A High-Performing Senior Care Provider

May 10, 2019 | Tommy Marzella

Tips for becoming a high-performing organizationI recently attended the Ohio Health Care Association’s annual convention and sat in on a session titled The Hero’s Journey: How to Become a High Performing Organization. The speakers discussed the steps senior care providers can take to stay competitive in today's challenging labor market with regards to employee satisfaction and organizational performance. Here's what was covered...

1. Define What High Performance Looks Like At Your Organization

Set aside time to sit down with a cross-functional group of employees to define how a high-performing culture looks and feels. What behaviors does the culture have? How would you describe it to others? How will it operate? By taking the time to write down the qualities of a high-performing organization, you can take the first step to identify what you’re looking for moving forward. 

2. Clarify Value & Communicate It Daily 

Instead of focusing on what you do, focus on why you do it. Humans are drawn to passion and purpose, and long-term care and senior living providers do a lot to help our loved ones. Make sure to identify the value you provide and continue to communicate it to your staff daily. Much of this value will already be built into your mission statement, so use it as a reference.

3. Reinforce Positive Behavior 

When your employees are doing a good job, make sure to tell them that they are doing a good job. When employees know they are appreciated and are rewarded for their work, they continue to work hard and perform well. An automated rewards platform makes it easy for management to applaud high-performing employees for behaviors like on-time punches, shift pick-ups and providing quality care and service.

Employee Rewards For Every Budget Mid CTA

4. Hire The Right People, Use The Right Technology 

To have a culture of high-performance you need to have a high-performing team supported by high-performing technology. Does your team have clear expectations and understand what is being asked of them? If not, make sure to work with them to help them understand. If you have someone on your team who causes a lot of issues, consider how this is impacting the rest of the culture and handle it appropriately.

Additionally, the right technology helps keep everyone aligned and on the same page, while documenting everything with ease. For instance, mobile schedules are a quick-win way to boost culture. Employees can access and manage their schedules anytime, anywhere and there's an added level of accountability to when they work.

5. Recruit For Values

If you could clone your best employee, who would it be? In many cases, people are flexible and able to learn quickly. Once you’ve already identified your values, recruit the people who fit into those values and continue to teach and reinforce them as you go. We all love the employees who go above and beyond and you can create that culture across the board by recruiting people who exhibit those traits.

6. Redefine Leadership Style

Look at your leadership as a whole and determine if they fit the bill. This group should foster a culture of respect, trust, transparency and results. Communicate your leadership style to your team and consider offering personality assessments to help your employees understand how to best work with each other and their direct reports. It's also a best practice to provide regular leadership training for your managers.

7. Commit To Quality

Now that you know what it takes to be a high-performing organization, commit to it. Hold everyone at your organization accountable with regular check-ins and encourage a culture of healthy conflict, where employees can address problems without fear of consequences.

Creating a high-performing organization is no easy task, but with the right mindset, anyone can do it. Don’t forget about your industry partners like OnShift. We're here to help. Subscribe to our blog here to receive weekly best practices to help you on your path to becoming a high-performing organization.

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