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How Home Health Recruiters Can Keep Candidates Engaged Throughout The Hiring Process

March 8, 2021 | Cari Rosenberger

How Home Health Recruiters Can Keep Candidates Engaged Throughout The Hiring ProcessIt’s a tale as old as time—your perfect home health candidate just replied to one of your job postings. They have the credentials. They have the experience. And you feel confident they’ll be your next new hire. You reach out to let them know you’ve received their application. Maybe a few days later, you set up an interview. It goes well and you feel like you’ve made the perfect match. You then reach out that candidate to get some additional information and to schedule a second interview. You wait. You wait some more. You send another message. And then it hits you. You’ve been ghosted…again.

While the term “ghosted” was initially coined to describe when one person simply stops responding to a potential love interest, it has recently been adopted by HR recruiters to describe candidates who do the same. But in the case of the HR recruiter chasing after the perfect candidate, if they’re not responding, it’s not them…it’s you.

Here are a few key steps home health recruiters can take to reduce ghosting by keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring lifecycle.

Capture Each Candidate’s Preferred Communication Method

Research shows that today’s workforce prefers communicating via text message versus a phone call. Many, caregivers in particular, may not be able to stop to take a phone call, ultimately resulting in a never-ending game of phone tag. Texting is simply easier and more discrete. 

Still, you should be sure to ask each candidate for their preferred method of communication on every application. Some may prefer receiving updates via SMS, while others may prefer email or a traditional phone call. Be sure to follow their preferred method whenever possible throughout the hiring process.

Follow Up On Applications In Real Time

In the past, candidates would apply for a job either in person and more recently, online. And then they would wait...and wait...and wait some more, hoping someone at that organization would call them back. But with job openings continuously on the rise, and high competition from both in and outside the industry, the days of letting an application sit on your desk are long gone.

It’s important to let candidates know as soon as possible that you’ve received their application, and, if possible, provide a timeline of next steps in the process.

Talent acquisition software such as OnShift Employ allows you to automatically send follow up messages as applications come in. Be sure to personalize your message by including the candidate’s name and include a friendly greeting that reflects your brand and the culture of your home health care organization.

Provide Regular Updates Throughout The Hiring Journey

When you’re looking for a job, it’s hard to be patient. Be sure to provide regular updates to candidates throughout the hiring lifecycle. A quick message to let them know you will reach out soon to schedule an interview or a reminder to submit important pre-hire paperwork such as references or a background check authorization form can go a long way in keeping candidates engaged and maintaining momentum around the hiring process.

This is another area where a talent acquisition software can help. With OnShift Employ, recruiters can set automated reminders throughout the hiring process to ensure every candidate feels as though they have your undivided attention.

Be Prompt When Responding To Questions

Many recruiters and hiring managers encourage candidates to ask questions during interviews. But what if someone has a question after the interview?

Make sure candidates know how to reach you with any questions after the interview process. And don’t delay in getting them the response they need. Doing so helps show your investment in that candidate and will give them a welcoming feeling.

Keep In Touch After The Offer Is Made

An offer has been extended and the acceptance letter has been signed. Time to move on to your next great hire, right? Wrong! Make sure you stay in communication with new hires during that critical period of accepting an offer and actually starting with your organization.

Many job candidates apply to multiple jobs at once and could still be in talks with another home health provider. Sending a quick note about how excited the team is to see them on their first day or checking in to see if they have any questions prior to their start date can go a long way in keeping candidates invested in your organization.

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