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5 Recruiting Practices Driving Hiring Results In Home Health

Jenna Berris

5 Recruiting Practices Driving Hiring Results In Home HealthNearly 10% Of All Home Health, Personal Care Job Postings Listed As “Urgent.” That's the headline of a recent Home Health Care News article. Needless to say, it sums up the hiring challenges many home health organizations are facing today.

“Specifically, jobs in home health and home care are most likely to be labeled urgent, reflecting the immense staffing issues that have plagued the sectors generally — and even more so during the COVID-19 crisis,” notes the article.

But don’t throw up your arms in defeat just yet. There are several simple strategies you can put in place to improve your recruitment and hiring results.

Making Applications Quick & Easy

Streamline the application process by only asking the essentials, such as most recent employer and credentials. The longer your application takes to fill out, the less likely applicants are to finish it -- so keep it short and simple.

Additionally, a mobile-friendly career portal, as well as a mobile-friendly application, can help reduce the likelihood that candidates will abandon the application before they hit submit.

Casting A Wide Net

Make sure you’re reaching as many job seekers as possible, and that starts with going where your candidates are. Post your openings on your company’s careers page and then share them across your social media channels. Encourage your employees to share your posts with their networks and invite their friends to apply.

Additionally, disseminate your postings to today’s top job boards. OnShift Employ, our talent acquisition software, automates this process and instantly shares your job openings to thousands of job boards, including Indeed, Zip Recruiter, Monster, Careerjet, and MyJobHelper. As a result, our clients have seen an up to a 75% increase in the number of applications received and reduced annual ad spend by up to $60,000.

Continue to use grassroots methods such as displaying “we’re hiring” lawn signs, partnering with local high schools and universities, and placing ads in the newspaper.

Encouraging Referrals

The healthcare industry is a surprisingly small community. And it’s something home health care providers can and should take advantage of when recruiting for open positions. Make sure you’re keeping staff updated as you post new positions and get in the habit of reaching out to your top employees to see if they know anyone who might be a good fit.

Employee referrals not only help recruiters and hiring managers to save time in their search but come with a level of confidence that they're likely the right fit for the job.

Communicating At All Costs

Whether you’re letting someone know you have received their application or relaying next steps in the hiring process after an interview, it’s critical that you communicate with candidates quickly and often.

OnShift Employ keeps candidates engaged throughout the hiring lifecycle by making it quick and easy for hiring managers to reach out to applicants. It can even automate communications during key milestones in the hiring process, so top talent doesn't slip through the cracks.

And since competition for workers is at an all-time high, it’s important to implement a policy as to how long hiring managers and HR will wait to review candidates and schedule an interview. Remember, many candidates apply to several positions at once and often end up working for the first organization that reaches out.

In the event a candidate is not the best fit for the role you’re currently looking to fill, be sure to let them know as soon as possible so they can continue their job search. And since you might want to consider them for a future opportunity, it’s best practice to file their information in a private database, like the one in OnShift Employ. That way, you can easily reach out when a job that matches their skill set becomes available. 

Putting Your Process On A Pedestal

Hiring in home health can be a lengthy process. After all, to provide quality care and service, organizations need to make sure they’re making the right hire each and every time. However, a lack of structure can significantly stall the hiring process. 

It’s important to map out a clear step-by-step hiring process for your entire organization. This could include where jobs are posted, how long managers have to follow up and schedule an interview, what questions are asked during the interview and a streamlined onboarding process.

Once you have a clear process in place, look to key hiring metrics such as where new hires are applying from, overall time to hire and referral sources to refine your process over time.

Having talent acquisition software in place can help automatically track these metrics. OnShift Employ comes standardized with 60+ hiring reports, as well as easy-view dashboards and weekly automated reports to keep optimization top of mind.

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