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Why Caregivers Love OnShift’s Easy-to-Use Scheduling Software

scheduling softwareLong-term care and senior living executives aren’t the only ones singing the praises of our scheduling software. Nurses, nursing assistants and other caregivers love how quick and easy it is to take control of their schedules on-the-go with OnShift. 

Whether it’s requesting an open shift, swapping shifts, checking their schedule or requesting some much deserved time-off, OnShift helps them do it all, anytime, anywhere, from any PC, tablet or smartphone with the OnShift mobile scheduling app.

The consensus? OnShift’s scheduling software makes life easier for everyone.

But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the video below to hear why caregivers love OnShift’s easy-to-use scheduling software. (Transcript included below)



Jamie Daniels, STNA, Century Oaks Care Center:
Knowing when my schedule’s out, knowing when I work, knowing when I’m off, knowing we can pick up days when they text you, call you… 

Maddie Castro, STNA, Century Oaks Care Center:
I like OnShift because our schedules are done before the month is out. If you want to pick up any time, you can always look on OnShift and see what’s available.

Chelsea Dennis, STNA, Montefiore:
It is very easy for me to pick up shifts, which makes it easier on me by not having to call somebody or bug somebody about trying to get shifts. 

And in the past, before we were on electronic picking up shifts, we had to do it by paper and sometimes I would actually have to come in on my day off so this actually is a pleasant arrangement that they have put in place.

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