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Senior Care Managers: The Linchpin of Employee Engagement

employee engagement in senior careEmployee engagement is top of mind for senior care providers, but what about manager engagement? We did some digging into the role that leadership plays in organizational success and found that managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement. And, 50% of employees, at some point, have left a job because of their manager. 

The data paints a picture that reinforces the need for senior care providers to engage their leaders, including executive directors, administrators, department leaders and supervisors. Poor senior care managers are causing costly employee turnover and creating disengaged employees. In fact, 51% of U.S. managers are disengaged themselves.

To help you combat these issues, we’ve compiled seven characteristics that are the foundation for long-term care and senior living manager success. Focusing on these qualities and manager engagement will help drive the consistent and satisfied workforce you desire.

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