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Introducing OnShift® Text2Hire: Our New Text-Based Recruiting Software

text2hire_blogWe kept seeing the same thing: hiring managers did not contact job applicants fast enough, resulting in organizations losing candidates to other communities. Sometimes they got lucky and were able to connect with a candidate. Unfortunately, many of them did not show up to their scheduled interviews. 

The OnShift product team set out to conquer these recruiting and hiring challenges head-on. During our research, we learned that 81% of providers contact applicants to schedule interviews via phone, while only 11% use text messaging. That was a bit of a head-scratcher for our team. Research shows that most people prefer to be contacted via text message and 90% read text messages within the first three minutes.

We knew there was a better way to recruit and hire candidates, and text messaging had to be part of the solution. What if hiring managers could automatically text candidates as soon as they applied instead of calling them days later and risk losing them? Could we create a simple and intuitive solution to help senior care providers hire the employees they need in order to provide the care our nation’s seniors deserve? The answer? YES.

This led to the creation of our newest software product, OnShift Text2Hire, which relies on automation and modern communications - text messaging - to connect with and engage job candidates to improve the hiring process.

With OnShift Text2Hire, providers can:

  • Connect, interview and hire candidates in record time
  • Automate interview scheduling via text message
  • Access executive dashboards with real-time metrics
  • Manage candidate communication during the recruitment process
  • Create a strong first impression with candidates

Several providers are already seeing stellar results, including a 60% increase in interviews scheduled and 50% reduction in time-to-hire. Watch the video below to learn how OnShift Text2Hire has helped Century Oak Care Center hire twice the employees in half the time.

We’re excited to announce OnShift Text2Hire and the quick but meaningful value it brings to long-term care and senior living providers! And, OnShift Text2Hire reinforces OnShift's commitment to help senior care providers overcome significant workforce challenges. We hope you like what you see.

Ready to start hiring more candidates, faster than ever before?


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