Automated Text-Based Recruiting Software

OnShift® Text2Hire leverages artificial intelligence to automatically engage and communicate with job candidates to schedule interviews, dramatically reducing time-to-hire, minimizing no-shows and increasing the number of new hires.

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  • Hire More Candidates In Less Time

    Increase the number of hires by quickly connecting with candidates via text messaging

  • Automate Interview Scheduling

    Instantly schedule qualified applicants and get end-to-end interview management complete with candidate imports, calendar invites, search functionality and candidate monitoring

  • Customized Candidate Communications

    Streamline candidate communications with text message scripts that fit your unique hiring process and avoid no-shows with automated interview reminders

  • Access Hiring Metrics That Matter

    Executive dashboards and reports deliver real-time hiring metrics: candidate contact rate, interviews scheduled and job offers made

Schedule & Manage Interviews Like Never Before

Stop spending countless hours playing phone tag with applicants. OnShift Text2Hire is designed to automate your interview scheduling – saving valuable time and streamlining your hiring process. And it’s perfect for one-on-one and group interviews.

  • Eliminate the hassle of scheduling interviews by automating the process with artificial intelligence
  • Stay organized with automated calendar invites that link to the candidate’s profile in OnShift Text2Hire
  • Quickly store, search and monitor candidate progress to reduce the time-to-hire
  • Easily manage individual and group interviews based on your unique interview preferences

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Hire Faster Than The Speed Of Light

The Number of Hires
Faster Time-to-Hire
Less Interview No-Shows

Connect With Candidates In Record Time

Candidates’ communication preferences have changed. Today’s workforce prefers text messages. By adjusting your outreach, you can connect and engage candidates to create a memorable first impression. Now that’s time management in action!

  • Quickly and conveniently engage candidates via automated text messaging to create a strong first impression of your community
  • Customize your text message scripts to reflect your unique hiring process
  • Easily import candidates you want to interview and eliminate errors with our CSV import wizard
  • Differentiate your candidate experience with employer personalization and customized welcome messages for new hires
  • Simply re-engage candidates with a searchable electronic database of past applicants who have previously declined or were not a good fit for the job at the time

Access Hiring Metrics That Matter

At the end of the day, it’s about hiring qualified candidates to help you provide world-class care to your residents. OnShift Text2Hire provides comprehensive analytics to help you measure the success of your recruiting program and identify what works well and what needs improvement.

  • Access real-time dashboards to better understand hiring trends
  • Receive weekly hiring reports to monitor recruitment efforts
  • Analyze hiring metrics with the ability to filter by position and month
Text2Hire metrics that matter in recruiting for senior care
“OnShift Text2Hire has improved our metrics overall; we’ve doubled the amount of candidates hired while cutting our time-to-hire in half. And new employees have loved the quick interaction."
Shelly Szarek-Skodny, CEO
Century Oak Care Center


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