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Connect, interview and hire quicker

Automated Text-Based Recruiting Software

OnShift® Text2Hire™ leverages artificial intelligence to automatically engage and communicate with job candidates to schedule interviews, dramatically reducing time-to-hire, minimizing no-shows and increasing the number of new hires.

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  • Hire More Candidates In Less Time

    Increase the number of hires by quickly connecting with candidates via text message.

  • Automate Interview Scheduling

    Instantly schedule qualified applicants with artificial intelligence and get end-to-end interview management with the ability to store, search and monitor candidate progress.

  • Streamline Candidate Communications

    Avoid no-shows with day-before and day-of reminders, and quickly reschedule candidates as needed.

  • Access Hiring Metrics That Matter

    Executive dashboards and reports deliver real-time hiring metrics: contact rate, interviews scheduled and job offers made.

Schedule Interviews Like Never Before

Stop spending countless hours playing phone tag with applicants. OnShift Text2Hire is designed to automate your interview scheduling – saving valuable time and streamlining your hiring process. And it’s perfect for one-on-one and group interviews.

  • Eliminate the hassle of scheduling interviews by automating the process with artificial intelligence
  • Reduce interview no-shows with automated reminders sent to candidates
  • Quickly store, search and monitor candidate progress to reduce the time-to-hire

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Hire Faster Than The Speed Of Light

The Number of Hires
Faster Time-to-Hire
Less Interview No-Shows

Connect With Candidates in Record Time

Candidate communication preferences have changed. Today’s workforce prefers text messages. By adjusting your outreach you can reach and engage more candidates to create the first impression leaving them talking for days.

  • Quickly and conveniently engage candidates via text messaging
  • Create a strong first impression of your community
  • Differentiate your candidate experience with employer personalization

Access Hiring Metrics That Matter

At the end of the day, it’s about hiring qualified candidates to help you provide world-class care to your residents. OnShift Text2Hire provides comprehensive analytics to help you measure the success of your recruiting program and identify what works well and what needs improvement.

  • Access real-time dashboards to better understand hiring trends
  • Receive weekly hiring reports to monitor recruitment efforts
  • Dig into the details with the ability to filter by position and month
Text2Hire metrics that matter in recruiting for senior care

Managing Candidate Interviews Just Got Easier!

OnShift Text2Hire’s automated calendar integration feature streamlines calendar invites and keeps recruiters organized for all candidate interviews. This easy to use, optional feature ensures that interviews you schedule in OnShift Text2Hire will land right on your calendar – freeing you up to focus on creating a great experience for your candidates!

  • Stay organized with automated calendar invites containing the day, time and link back to the candidate’s profile in OnShift Text2Hire
  • Automatically receive calendar notifications the moment a candidate accepts an interview or if they have to reschedule
  • Easily manage individual and group interviews based on your unique interview preferences
  • Compatible with multiple calendars, including Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, iPhone/Android calendar apps and Samsung Smartphones

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OnShift's Text2Hire new calendar integration feature
“OnShift Text2Hire has improved our metrics overall; we’ve doubled the amount of candidates hired while cutting our time-to-hire in half. And new employees have loved the quick interaction."
Shelly Szarek-Skodny, CEO
Century Oak Care Center


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