Staff to census and acuity

Meet Staffing Standards and Minimize Compliance Risk

Senior care providers face a complex regulatory environment, with staffing requirements driving many compliance needs. Get control of your staffing and maintain compliance so you can mitigate risk and deliver the high quality care and service your residents deserve.

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Staffing Compliance For Long-Term Care & Senior Living Providers

OnShift's software and services are purpose-built for senior care. We provide the tools and best practices you need to stay on top of changing regulations and consistently meet staffing compliance demands.

Staffing compliance software for long-term care and senior living providers

Staff to census and acuity

Mitigate Risk

Staff to census and acuity and identify under-staffing before it happens so you can take action and mitigate risk.

Easy-to-use Payroll-Based Journal Reporting Software

Easy PBJ Reporting

Skilled nursing providers: meet the CMS Payroll-Based Journal reporting requirements with easy-to-use PBJ software.

Track staffing levels against labor budgets

Monitor Staffing Levels

Easily track staffing levels against minimums and internal labor budgets to prevent infractions and monitor compliance.

Our teams are experts in senior care

Senior Care Experts

Our teams are experts in senior care, offering labor management best practices to keep you up-to-date on changing regulations.

Easily manage licensing and certification data

Manage Certifications

Easily manage employee licensing and certification data to keep employees current and in compliance.


Improve Retention

Engage staff to reduce turnover and efficiently fill shifts so you remain properly staffed and retain employees, long-term.