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Achieve Operational Excellence 

Staff consistently and efficiently with OnShift. Our predictive software and proactive services eliminate complex processes by streamlining hiring, scheduling and employee engagement. The result? Higher efficiencies, greater team productivity, and the use of staffing standards and best practices across communities and throughout your organization.

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Visibility, Analytics & Predictive Tools For All Your Staffing Needs

Ditch your manual staffing processes and siloed data. Drive efficiencies and operational excellence throughout the staffing lifecycle, from recruiting and hiring to employee engagement and retention with OnShift.




Optimize Staffing

Promote standards-based staffing, employee engagement and labor management with best practices built into OnShift.


Drive Occupancy

Support your occupancy goals through consistent staffing to current and future care levels for better outcomes.


Save Time

Intuitive apps save time for everyone: operations executives, community leadership, HR, schedulers and staff.


Improve Retention

Improve employee retention by measuring staff satisfaction, capturing employee feedback and rewarding contributions.


Prioritize Staffing Tasks

Eliminate guesswork and easily prioritize staffing tasks to make the best hiring and shift decisions.


Gain Visibility

Make informed decisions with a 360° degree view into staffing data across your systems to drive high quality care.

“When we experienced a staffing shortage, it was nice to not have to make 200 phone calls to fill call-offs. Sending out a message to everyone using OnShift was the only way we made it through. Without OnShift I would have spent more time on the phone rather than filling shifts.”
Jen Thompson
Jen Thompson, Scheduler
Marklund Hyde Center