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Control Your Labor Costs

Get the actionable insights you need to gain control of your largest operating expense: labor. Avoid excess costs with OnShift's predictive and proactive software that helps identify best-fit hires, balance schedules that right-size staff, eliminate overtime and drive an engaged workforce that minimizes turnover.

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Get Control of Excess Labor Costs with OnShift

Improve your bottom line with predictive and easy-to-use software that alerts managers before inefficient or costly staffing decisions are made.



Prevent Overtime

Prevent unnecessary overtime up to 70% with predictive analytics and proactive alerts that help you manage your largest expense - labor.


Eliminate Agency Use

Avoid using expensive agency workers with real-time insight into staffing utilization and open shift management.


Streamline Hiring

Control recruiting and hiring costs by reducing time-to-hire with extensive automation throughout the applicant lifecycle.


Reduce Turnover

Minimize turnover costs by engaging employees with right-fit schedules, easing financial stress and capturing feedback in real-time. 


Optimize Staffing

Leverage in-depth labor analysis, dashboards and reporting to monitor progress to your cost savings goals.


Balance Schedules

Balance schedules with the right number of staff on each and every shift to avoid costly over- or under-staffing.