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Case Study

Vista Springs

Vista Springs Assisted Living

Key Results

Satisfied and less stressed staff

Satisfied Employees

Increased employee satisfaction & decreased turnover

Reduced labor costs

Reduced Labor Costs

Reduced labor costs by nearly eliminating agency use

Decrease in overtime hours

Decrease in Overtime

6% decrease in overtime hours

Company Background

Vista Springs operates 13 communities in Ohio and Michigan and offers assisted living and memory care services. They employ close to 1,000 employees across their resort-style communities.

The Challenge

Vista Springs had no formal feedback process, often leaving staff frustrated by issues that went unresolved, which led to employee turnover. Additionally, Vista Springs was manually managing both labor and employee performance information, making it difficult to keep labor costs down and properly reward their hardworking employees.


Lack of recognition leading to turnover

Employee Frustration From Lack Of Recognition Causing Turnover

  • Vista Springs’ community and corporate management were unable to properly track employee metrics such as attendance and call-offs, which meant poor performers continued to fly under the radar, often frustrating the high performers
  • With no systematic way to reward employees, many deserving staff felt overlooked which led to employee dissatisfaction and ultimately turnover
  • With limited visibility into employee performance, communities were challenged with identifying poor performers that could comprise client service and care

No method of collecting employee feedback

No Method To Collect Employee Feedback & Satisfaction

  • Employees were hesitant to give feedback to supervisors, leaving management in the dark and unable to address issues
  • Any employee feedback collected was ad hoc and not easily reported to Vista Springs’ corporate staff, making it difficult to see trends or collect actionable feedback
  • Without a standard method or system to consistently track employee satisfaction, issues in the community would linger, causing employee dissatisfaction

Manual labor management

Rising Labor Costs Caused By Manual Labor Management 

  • Excel-based, paper schedules were tedious to create and maintain, and did not provide a way to monitor or proactively manage employee overtime
  • The use of temporary agency staff rose due to outdated and manual labor management processes, which further increased labor costs
  • Nursing hours per resident day (HPRD) were calculated and tracked manually, making it difficult for communities to staff to their budgets, which often led to costly over-staffing


The Solution

Vista Springs selected OnShift to support their strategic initiatives of increasing employee retention, providing quality client service and reducing labor costs by controlling agency and overtime.


Employee rewards and engagement program

Recognition & Rewards Platform Boosts Retention

  • With OnShift, management gains visibility into employee performance metrics like attendance and punches so they can reward good behavior, giving high performing employees the recognition they seek and boosting retention
  • Automated reward points tied to positive employee behaviors and instant access to a rewards store provide instant gratification for employees, increasing satisfaction
  • With employee performance dashboards, both community and Vista Springs’ corporate management can identify poor performers and remedy issues before they become a larger problem and impact client care


Fast and frequent employee surveys

Fast & Frequent Employee Surveys

  • OnShift’s quick and easy pulse surveys produce real-time, actionable feedback, allowing managers to easily identify areas for improvement and in turn make employees feel heard and valued
  • Vista Springs’ corporate team gained community-level visibility into staff satisfaction levels, which allowed them to hold communities accountable to fixing issues
  • Custom surveys in OnShift Engage allow Vista Springs to collect employee feedback on key initiatives for their organization, providing valuable data and input to help managers move strategic projects forward


Staffing visibility and reduction of labor costs

Staffing Visibility & Labor Cost Reduction

  • Real-time visibility, reports and executive dashboards provide communities and Vista Springs’ corporate team visibility into projected overtime, so they can correct costly problems before they occur
  • With proactive management of all staff in OnShift, communities more effectively fill openings with their own employees instead of expensive agency staff, which has nearly eliminated agency costs
  • Staffing budgets are imported into OnShift, making it easy for communities to schedule the appropriate amount of staff, while staying on budget and providing quality care

“OnShift helps us recognize those employees who are going above and beyond. That's been really good for retention, and employees feel recognized.”

- Jessica Hunter, Performance & Partnership Strategist, Vista Springs

The Results

  • Increased employee retention as employees feel rewarded, recognized and heard
  • 6% overall decrease in employee overtime across the organization
  • With more control over their schedules, employees are more engaged and are proactively requesting shifts
  • On average over the past 12 months, 72% of employees indicate they are satisfied at work
  • Input provided in customizable employee surveys led to many process improvements including an orientation program revamp
  • Employees are happier and more engaged, improving quality of client service
  • Employees use pulse surveys to compliment one another, creating a sense of comradery and team
  • High performing employees are appropriately rewarded for going above and beyond, leading to improved employee performance
  • Eliminated agency use at most communities
“Our employees are feeling more rewarded and more heard because the feedback is going further than just their manager. We can all see their comments in OnShift, which keeps everyone accountable."
Jessica Hunter
Performance & Partnership Strategist, Vista Springs

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