Cost Of Turnover Calculator

Employee turnover is a BIG problem in senior care. Nearly 40% of all turnover occurs in the first 90 days, causing providers to ask – what happened? Sometimes it’s hard to get a grip on just how much this is costing providers, which is why we’ve created our Cost of Turnover Calculator.

From tips on creating employee-centered culture to designing a rewards program, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our employee engagement toolkit to help you get started:

Employee Rewards For Every Budget

Employee Rewards for Every Budget

Employees love to be recognized for their work, but it’s not always easy to think of the right reward. Our latest guide shares 35+ reward ideas no matter the size of your budget.

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Manager Qualities That Drive Employee Engagement

Manager Qualities Driving Employee Engagement

50% of employees, at some point, left a job to get away from their manager. Learn the 7 must-have qualities that drive employee engagement and boost performance.

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5-Step Action Plan to Improve Employee Engagement

Improve employee engagement in 5 steps

Learn how to measure and track employee engagement, hiring and mentoring practices to increase engagement and why empowering employees to lead change is a win-win.

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Engaging Employees in Senior Care [Infographic]


High turnover, poor communication, employees feeling undervalued? Get 5 tips to make an impact and drive employee engagement.

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Creating an Employee-Centered Culture [Webinar]


Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to assess your culture for improvement, turn managers into cultural ambassadors, and more

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Meeting the Needs of Today's Workforce [Webinar]

View Meeting the Needs of Today's Workforce Webinar

Watch our on-demand webinar where you’ll learn the latest strategies for boosting employee engagement.


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