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Plum Healthcare Group Gains Visibility Into Senior Care Staffing

July 6, 2017 | Jim Rubadue

Relying on pencil and paper schedules or spreadsheets often means a complete lack of visibility into staffing—and this lack of visibility can be costly to any senior care organization. "Where are there gaps in the schedule? Are we submitting all reportable Payroll-Based Journal hours? How are we tracking to our overtime target?"

These were some of the questions Plum Healthcare Group faced on a daily basis.

Listen to Chris King, IT Senior Project Manager with Plum Healthcare Group, share how their 63 communities use OnShift Software to easily manage their staff schedule and comply with the Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting regulations. OnShift's predictive analytics, reporting features and labor management dashboards give Plum the visibility they need to proactively make staff schedule adjustments and meet their labor management goals. (Transcript included below)

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We have 63 skilled nursing facilities throughout California, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada, primarily skilled nursing, but also assisted living and some memory care

We’ve been using OnShift since we started in July. We started our rollout in July and finished just around the middle of September and one of the primary reasons we chose OnShift was because they focused on long-term care.

For scheduling, we were on Excel-based, paper-based scheduling applications  

So moving away from paper to something online, something that allowed us to have analytics, reporting, was certainly a decision factor

I think the biggest benefit is that we’re able to be compliant with the PBJ regulations. That was first and foremost the reason that we went to OnShift was to be compliant

Some of those other benefits that we’re experiencing, things like overtime, seeing trending, predictable analytics, the ability to have a dashboard

With OnShift, we have a nice dashboard that actually shows us those details. Who’s up for overtime?  How many call-offs do we have this week?  It gives us that visibility that we never had before, which is which is important to us.

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