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New Resource: The 2021 Big Book Of Perks For Senior Care

February 18, 2021 | Jenna Berris

The 2021 Bigger Of Perks For Senior CareFrontline workers have always been the lifeblood of senior care organizations. And the COVID-19 pandemic has not only confirmed that notion, but shown providers just how critical taking care of these hardworking individuals is to building the workforce of the future. A workforce that can only be realized by prioritizing recruitment and retention. 

At the heart of any solid recruitment or retention strategy is the employee experience. In what ways is your organization helping staff -- many of whom are consistently trying to make ends meet -- live a better life? From the time someone is brought on board until they are a high-performing, tenured employee, what are the little things you are doing to regularly remind them they are valued and an essential part of the business? 

That's where The 2021 Big Book Of Perks For Senior Care comes in. Our latest provider resource contains the top ideas for supporting employees and boosting morale -- during this time of crisis and well into the future. Inside you'll find ideas for...

  • Promoting employee financial wellness
  • Celebrating wins & milestones
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyles
  • Supporting work-life balance
  • Fostering a culture of learning & growth
  • Bringing teams together

As you’ll see, many of these perks and benefits have evolved so they can easily and effectively work despite the changes and challenges brought on by the pandemic. We hope you can implement several of them at your

Thank you for all you are doing in the fight against COVID-19! #InThisTogether

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