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Job Boards 101: How Senior Care Providers Can Achieve Better ROI

September 2, 2020 | Tommy Marzella

How Senior Care Providers Can Make The Most Of Job BoardsWhen it comes to recruiting in senior care, it’s important to cast a wide net to reach as many qualified candidates as possible. Job boards, which connect job seekers and companies looking to fill vacancies, are a huge part of that effort.

Job boards can be extremely effective in sourcing top talent, but not without a price. Some organizations spend up to $5,000 a month for sponsored posts. And since there are over 40,000 job boards to choose from, companies should be strategic in how they allocate their ad spend and implement best practices for getting the most bang for their buck.

Here are a few tips for getting the greatest return on your investment, including how you can improve quality, not just quantity, of candidates.

Use A Clear Job Titles In Your Posts

A well-crafted job title can increase traffic to your posting by up to 1000%. Make sure the title is as descriptive as possible without being too wordy. For example, use Part-Time Certified Nursing Assistant rather than your internal code for the opening, such as CNA 3. Take a peek at how your competitors are referring to certain positions. There is likely an industry standard that you can use.

Ask Pre-Qualifying Application Questions

Many people apply for jobs en masse with little regard for qualifications and fit. This leaves recruiters with the burden of sorting through a bunch of unqualified and often passive job applications. By including a few questions in your application, you can weed out uninterested, unqualified people right off the bat. Some examples include asking for certifications, minimum required job credentials and current place of employment.

Try A Mix Of Big-Name & Niche Job Boards 

Which job boards are your ideal applicants using in their search? Where are your competitors posting their openings? These are a couple of the questions to evaluate when deciding where to advertise and how much to spend. Indeed.com is an example of a general job board where job seekers in all areas of business go to look for their next gig. MyCNAJobs.com is considered a niche job board for communities and caregivers in long-term care and senior living. Professional sites like LinkedIn might not be the first place an hourly worker would visit but would be an ideal place when seeking out managerial positions and above.

Understand How Job Board Rankings Work

Being on the first page, or even the first few pages, of a job board significantly increases the number of views and applications you receive. However, each job board is different when it comes to ranking their postings. Work with your account manager or vendor support team to understand how their site ranks postings and what you can do to boost yours.

Prioritize The Candidate Experience

If you are getting a ton of views on job postings but very few people are actually applying, odds are they lost interest somewhere in your process. Possibly your job description was too long or it did not sell the opportunity. If you are redirecting them to an applicant tracking system (ATS) to apply, what’s that process like? Can they apply in a few minutes or is the process too lengthy? Is your career portal branded and professional looking? Don’t date yourself with clunky systems.

Monitor Your Hiring Performance

Don’t just wait for the job post to expire to dig into the data. Keep tabs on how each post is performing. Look at metrics like views, views to applications and quality of candidates that are applying. Are you reaching your target audience? If not, you might need to tweak the title or be clearer about the role in the job description.

Streamline Your Entire Recruitment Process With Talent Acquisition Software

According to the Undercover Recruiter, “Frequently one of the biggest reasons’ job board advertising is not successful is a kink somewhere else in your recruitment process.”

That’s where talent acquisition software (TAS) comes into play. Job postings­ in our TAS, OnShift Employ, integrate with hundreds of job boards – helping senior care providers save time and money on advertising costs. Additionally, it allows users to then own the candidate data collected from each job board. 

But TAS can improve so many other areas of your hiring and recruitment process, ensuring you’re fully optimized from the beginning. From robust candidate sourcing, to an easy-to-use applicant tracking system, customizable hiring workflows and streamlined onboarding with built-in compliance measures, TAS can help you modernize and optimize your hiring lifecycle.

Providers that take advantage of talent acquisition software today will find sustainable success in their hiring process both now and in the future. Ready to see how OnShift Employ can help you hire top talent faster than ever before? 

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