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Introducing OnShift Employ: End-To-End Talent Acquisition Software For Healthcare

February 10, 2020 | Mark Woodka

Talent Acquisition Software For Senior CareThink about the last time you applied for a job. How was that experience? Was the application easy to complete? Were you notified about the status of your submission? Did the recruiter keep you updated on where you stood in the process? Were next steps communicated?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you’ve had a better experience than most. In fact, nearly 50% of job seekers have turned down a job simply because they had a poor candidate experience.

In a survey recently conducted by OnShift, 62% of providers cited finding qualified candidates as one of their biggest workforce challenges. And 73% said they felt this challenge will remain the same or get worse over the next 3 years. To make matters worse, organizations are also battling crippling turnover rates and growing competition from both in and outside the senior care industry.

Still, we know one thing to be true. Organizations can’t afford to let top talent slip away.

At OnShift, our mission is to transform the relationship between healthcare organizations and their employees. And that relationship starts well before an employee walks through your door on their first day. By streamlining their approach to hiring and recruiting, providers can create a positive first impression and gain a competitive edge. It is imperative that healthcare providers leverage a technology platform that enables them to support high volume, high turnover environments and is built for today’s hourly workers who demand simple ways to connect and engage with employers.

Recognizing this, we set out to find the best end-to-end talent acquisition software on the market. And we have found that in Avesta Systems, Inc., which we proudly introduce today as OnShift Employ through a strategic acquisition.

OnShift Employ helps healthcare organizations source, recruit, screen, hire and onboard quality candidates with lightning-fast efficiencies to create a memorable candidate experience. And with better access to quality employees and the ability to manage those employees throughout their journey, providers will see reduced turnover rates, decreased costs and enhanced quality and continuity of care.

Watch this video to hear Avesta and OnShift CEOs discuss the acquisition. 


Our end-to-end talent acquisition software doesn’t just improve the candidate experience and lead to better hiring metrics, but also ensures that top talent doesn’t slip through the cracks.

OnShift Employ perfectly frontends our human capital management suite to help healthcare providers hire, schedule, engage and retain employees.

We are so thrilled to be able to offer this new solution to our customers, giving them another way to stand out from the competition and hire the people they need. I encourage you to request a demo to learn more.

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