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Background Screening Simplified: Introducing OnShift's Integration With First Advantage

July 21, 2020 | Tommy Marzella

unknown-1595332136455Background screening is a critical component to ensuring safety in the workplace. And considering those that work in LTC and senior living are responsible for caring for a vulnerable population, understanding who you’re hiring and doing so with confidence is a top priority. Unfortunately, many processes being used today aren’t delivering that peace of mind and are complicated and time consuming for both the hiring manager and the candidate.

The pandemic has drastically changed the labor market and many providers have reported an influx of applicants. Because of this recent influx of candidates, in an industry that has historically struggled to hire the people they need, it’s more important than ever that organizations have the right recruiting and hiring processes in place to effectively manage these new applicants.

Your Screening Process Matters

While you may be tempted to take your applicant’s resume as a source of truth, screening gives you that extra safety net of a non-biased, objective third party. In fact, it’s reported that 75% of HR managers have found a discrepancy on a candidate’s resume. Confirmation from a screening gives you peace of mind that you’re hiring the right person.

The candidate experience also comes into play here. In fact, nearly 50% of people say the employment screening process has an impact on how favorably they view their new employer. A clunky and unorganized screening process doesn’t exactly create the best first impression.

What’s more, performing background checks has been correlated to a 10% reduction in turnover. This makes perfect sense since screening is an additional step that ensures you’re hiring the best fit for each role.

And finally, a streamlined background process speeds up time to hire and makes life easier for your hiring manager – many of whom are not only tasked with staying on top of the latest compliance changes, but often managing the outsourcing of the background check to a third-party company.

Announcing Our New Integration With First Advantage

When we learned that background screening was a pain point for providers, we got to work. You’ll remember that earlier this year, we launched OnShift Employ – our robust talent acquisition software. We thought, what if we could integrate with a background screening service to make the recruiting process more streamlined? We evaluated several vendors and found an incredible partner in First Advantage – a leader in the industry that prides themselves on exceptional customer service in the same way that we do. Our new partner supports over 35,000 clients worldwide, performs 71+ million annual background screenings and offers access to the most relevant, unique information about each candidate.

This seamless integration will give our customers access to accurate and thorough background screening reports in real time. This will allow them to make informed decisions about each candidate, create a faster, more efficient path to hire and provide a streamlined candidate experience.

Our integration with First Advantage gives our customers the ability to…

  • Screen Candidates With Confidence & Compliance - Accurate, thorough and compliant background screening, drug testing and employment verification ensures you meet federal, state and local hiring regulations to hire with confidence.

  • Provide A Streamlined Candidate & Recruiter Experience - The integration between OnShift Employ and First Advantage will pre-populate candidate data into the background check process. Candidates can easily complete this step via their mobile phone and recruiters can receive screen updates in real-time.

  • Get Real-Time Screening Results – Quick turnaround times allow hiring managers to make efficient and informed decisions about who they bring into their community. The simple ordering process easily progresses your candidate in the background screening phase.

We are very excited provide seamless access to best-in-class background check services directly from the OnShift Employ talent acquisition system, speeding time-to-hire and providing a streamlined candidate and recruiter experience.

Watch this video to learn more about this exciting integration!


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