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5 Strategies To Improve Recruitment In Home Health

October 9, 2020 | Cari Rosenberger

5 Ways To Improve Recruitment In Home HealthThe labor market shifted dramatically at the onset of the pandemic. And as COVID-19 continues to impact our lives and unemployment remains high, home health care providers have an opportunity to attract a new workforce to the industry.

Here are some key strategies to improve your recruitment efforts and attract more workers to careers in home health.

Proactively Market Jobs To Displaced Workers

The number of workers displaced due to COVID-19 remains high. Many in and outside the industry are still looking for work—and in many cases, a new career path.

The industry has an amazing opportunity to help these workers discover the many benefits of working in home health care.

Actively reach out to healthcare facilities in your area to find nurses who have been furloughed or laid-off during the crisis. This is a great way to find qualified RNs and LPNs for home health services.

Those offering home care services can find new talent by reaching out to local businesses who have had to let staff go either temporarily or permanently. Displaced workers from industries such as hospitality or the service industry already possess many of the customer service skills required in home care positions. 

Those offering home care services should reach out to local businesses, particularly those in the hospitality or services industry who already have the customer service skills required of a home care position.

Post job opportunities on local community social channels such as Facebook, and regularly post positions on networking sites like LinkedIn. And make sure you ask your staff to share these posts with their channels as well! The more a post is shared, the more eyes that see it, and the better the likelihood you’ll find the right candidate.

Finally, make sure your postings lay out clear requirements when it comes to certifications or education. Many who are new to the home health care industry may not realize that there are positions they could be eligible for without a strictly medical background.

Be Strategic With Job Boards

When recruiting in home health care, it’s important to cast a wide net. But that doesn’t mean strategy goes completely out the window.

With so many job boards out there, providers need to keep a steady pulse on which are delivering not just a high quantity of candidates, but high quality as well.

Key metrics to look at regularly include job posting views, views to applications, as well as the quality of candidates that are applying. It’s also important to note where the candidates you hire originated from.

Knowing which job boards work best for your organization can help you better understand where hiring managers and HR should spend their time. Those using talent acquisition software, like OnShift Employ, can automatically track this data on a regular basis and use that data to quickly automate which postings go on any of the 100+ job boards on the market.

Direct Applicants To Apply Directly On Your Website

Many home health providers opt to have applicants apply to job postings directly from the job boards themselves. While convenient for applicants, this can come with some disadvantages for hiring organizations.

Many job boards will offer recommendations based on jobs the applicant has applied for. In other words, you’re making it easier for one of your competitor postings to be found by that candidate.

Instead, direct applicants to apply directly on your website. Doing so can also give them some time to browse your website and learn more about your organization, your mission and your values.

A talent acquisition software like OnShift Employ can help you quickly create a company-branded career portal right on your website.

Simplify Your Job Applications

What many applicants like about the quick-apply features offered by many job boards is that it’s just that—quick!

Streamline the application process by only asking the essentials, such as most recent position and credentials. The longer your application takes to fill out, the less likely applicants are to finish it -- so keep it short and simple.

Also consider modifying the length of your application based on the job. Someone applying for an entry level position won’t have much in the way of job experience and may not even have a resume. OnShift Employ helps providers customize the candidate experience based on the various positions they’re hiring.

Finally, make sure your application is mobile friendly. A large majority of today’s job seekers use their smartphone to not only find but also apply to jobs. If your application process is not mobile-friendly, you could miss out on some great candidates.

Communicate With Candidates Throughout The Hiring Process

Submitting the application is just the first step. Follow up quickly with applicants to let them know you’ve received their application and communicate any next steps.

OnShift Employ helps keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring lifecycle by making it quick and easy for hiring managers to reach out to candidates. It can even automate communications during key milestones in the hiring process.

Competition for talent is still high, so it’s important to implement a policy as to how long hiring managers and HR will wait to review candidates and schedule an interview. Remember, many candidates apply to several positions at once and often end up choosing the first organization that brings them in for an interview.

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