OnShift Announces Employee Engagement Software for Long-Term Care and Senior Living

January 30, 2017

New End-to-End Solution Helps Strengthen Relationships Between Managers and Employees

January 30, 2017, CLEVELAND – OnShift®, a leader in human capital management software for post-acute care and senior living, today announced OnShift® Engage™, new cloud-based employee engagement software. With easy-to-use capabilities that measure staff satisfaction, track employee performance, and facilitate communication, OnShift Engage helps increase staff satisfaction and employee engagement to improve organizational performance.

News Facts     

  • OnShift Engage is modern and mobile, offering a range of user friendly tools for management, supervisors and staff that target core drivers of employee and team engagement. Key capabilities include:
    • Employee satisfaction measurement – pulse surveys capture fast and frequent staff feedback in real-time so managers can quickly take action.
    • Employee recognition and rewards – automated points-based rewards system tracks and incentivizes employee behaviors so contributions are highlighted and rewarded.
    • Manager, team and employee communications – prompted messaging facilitates consistent communications to grow the relationship between managers and employees.
    • New hire tracking – onboarding dashboards monitor new employees to promote retention. 
    • Employee performance reporting – gain management visibility into employee and team satisfaction and performance to identify areas for improvement. 
  • OnShift Engage utilizes employee shift, attendance, and performance data from OnShift Schedule and other workforce management systems for real-time insights. With this information, managers and supervisors can easily identify high- and low-performing employees and take action where needed.
  • With its range of proactive capabilities, OnShift Engage helps drive the keys to systemic change--communication, relationship development, satisfaction and engagement. This helps long-term care and senior living providers address key workforce challenges, including staff turnover. The benefits of an engaged workplace are well-documented, from lower absenteeism and less turnover to higher quality, increased customer satisfaction and improved financial performance.

Supporting Quotes “We see OnShift Engage as a way to differentiate our organization and improve employee retention,” states Dan Leamon, Executive Vice President of Operations, Altercare of Ohio. “The ability to easily provide feedback, spur communication, and recognize good work feeds directly into what our employees want and what they expect. Employee engagement is one of the top priorities at Altercare, and we are excited to use OnShift Engage to help us achieve this goal.”

“The workforce issues that long-term care and senior living providers face have become incredibly intense, many of which stem from a workforce that is simply not engaged,” states Mark Woodka, CEO, OnShift. “OnShift Engage is a monumental step toward helping providers advance a culture and environment where employees feel valued, actively work toward the goals of the organization, and ultimately stay with the employer long-term. We are thrilled to offer easy-to-use software developed in partnership with senior care providers, reinforcing OnShift’s commitment to deliver innovative solutions that solve significant workforce challenges in senior care.”

Supporting Research Long-term care and senior living providers face massive workforce issues, including 51% caregiver turnover[i]. Some of the most common reasons cited for leaving a job include poor communication and relationships between employees and their managers; employees do not feel valued; employees do not feel that they have a voice within the organization; and inadequate onboarding.

According to research from Gallup, employee engagement in the U.S. has consistently averaged less than 33%[ii]. In addition, Gallup research revealed that organizations with actively engaged workers outperformed those without, experiencing[iii]:

  • 22% higher profitability
  • 10% higher customer ratings
  • 21% higher productivity
  • 25% lower turnover
  • 37% less absenteeism

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About OnShift, Inc. OnShift delivers cloud-based human capital management software and proactive services to solve everyday workforce challenges in healthcare. Our suite of products for hiring, scheduling and employee engagement drives quality care, lower costs and higher performance by empowering providers to staff consistently and efficiently. Intuitive design, predictive analytics and customer success management are why thousands of post-acute care and senior living organizations rely on OnShift. For more information visit https://www.onshift.com/.

[i] American Health Care Association, Certified Nursing Assistant (C.N.A.) median turnover. American Health Care Association 2012 Staffing Report.

[ii] Gallup, Employee Engagement in U.S. Stagnant in 2015.

[iii] Gallup, How Employee Engagement Drives Growth. Results based on work units in the top quartile in employee engagement outperformed bottom-quartile units