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Thank You For Taking The Lead In This Tough Time

Senior Care Providers - Thank You For Taking The LeadIn my 25+ years serving residents and those that care for them, I have seen countless examples of the selfless nature that makes the senior care profession so great. However, I never imagined circumstances quite like this. COVID-19 has changed everything.

Every interaction we have with each other has changed. In fact, most people and non-direct healthcare organizations now have quickly moved to a #stayhome approach to help flatten the curve.

This is not the case for most of you working in senior care. You are going into work and caring for our family members.

I have been so impressed with how our profession and its employees are responding to this new challenge with urgency, diligence and respect to ensure resident safety. Everyone is stepping up, from industry associations and corporate leadership to our selfless and brave-beyond-belief caregivers.

Senior care’s greatest asset is its employees. But today, it’s hard to imagine a profession that is more challenging.

That’s why I am so encouraged by organizations that are focused on addressing the concerns of their employees. For example, as many schools and daycares have closed, childcare for employees has become a huge stressor. But I have heard how providers are trying to alleviate this concern of their employees by renting space and scheduling staff to take turns watching each other’s children. Amazing.

This type of employee-first focus is what will enable us to be successful in combating this pandemic. Luckily, this industry is full of people with an inherent nature to ask, “how can I help?” when faced with a challenge.

There will be countless challenges in the upcoming days and months. It will be important for providers to share how they are overcoming these challenges for others to learn. We are all in this together.

Please email me how your organization is managing this situation. I will gladly compile and distribute. And thank you again!


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