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Skilled Nursing vs. Assisted Living

I’ve heard a lot of discussion about the lines blurring between skilled nursing and assisted living. Some assisted living communities are caring for residents who would have been in skilled nursing years ago. Yet in other communities, they’re focused on residents with needs for the most basic of care. That is, of course, until medical requirements change or get more intense.

But whatever the case at your organization, there are many important differences between skilled nursing and assisted living communities. One of our readers kindly shared this image that compares assisted living communities vs. nursing homes. You may find this information helpful in talking with your patients, residents, and their families.

While there are many differences in assisted living and skilled nursing, there is one very important similarity – and that’s the focus on care. Helping residents and patients flourish with quality care is what makes our organizations tick, as quality of life is what matters most to us all.

Comparison of Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

by Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities

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