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Join Us For Our Webinar Series On Employee Turnover

Blog-Join-Us-For-Our-Webinar-Series-On-Employee-Turnover40% of turnover in senior care happens during the first 90 days of employment and the median turnover for CNAs sits at 51%. Needless to say, employee turnover in senior care is top of mind for the industry as a whole. OnShift is excited to host two webinars to help providers understand the signs of employee turnover and how to prevent it. Register for both parts of our turnover webinar series today!

Part 1

Tackling Turnover: Key Indicators Your Employees Are On Their Way Out The Door & How To Stop Them

You’ll learn:

  • How to measure & understand your turnover metrics
  • Signs your employees are about to turn over
  • Preventative strategies to reduce employee turnover
  • Advice & resources for high-turnover communities


Part 2

Must-Have Manager Qualities To Prevent Employee Turnover

You’ll learn:

  • The defining qualities of an effective manager
  • How to coach your team to be better managers
  • Advice & resources to help your management team


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