Unify the view of your senior care staffing

Get A Unified View of Senior Care Staffing

Extend OnShift's value with seamless software integrations that allow you to exchange data between OnShift and your HR, time & attendance and clinical applications.

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  • 360° View Of Your Community

    Have all the data you need in one place to ensure you're staffed properly and consistently.

  • Scalable & Flexible

    Integrations are seamless, ensuring the data you need is always the data you receive.

  • Reduce Time & Costs For IT

    Save on operational costs by reducing the time needed for IT to export and import data to multiple systems.


Reduce time and costs for your IT staff

Be Proactive With Time & Attendance Systems Integration

OnShift partners with numerous time and attendance vendors to provide real-time staffing information when scheduling senior care employees.

  • Predict and prevent costly overtime
  • Accurately project staffing levels by employee, shift and more
  • Monitor attendance exceptions including early and late punches
  • Identify, reconcile and report on variances between actual hours worked with schedules

OnShift Integrations

OnShift seamlessly connects with numerous HR, time-keeping and clinical applications for real-time performance insights.

See Our Integrations

Meet Resident Needs Through Clinical System Integration

Align staffing to resident and patient needs through OnShift’s integration with leading clinical applications.

  • Update schedules with census and service level information to ensure balanced staffing
  • Instantly pinpoint hours needed to meet staffing requirements
  • Get dashboard views into labor budget analysis, staffing level status and Hours Per Patient Day (HPPD) compliance


Align staffing to resident and patient needs

Measure Cost Savings With Employee Wage Data From HRIS

Make the most of wage and employee data with OnShift's Human Resources Information System (HRIS) integrations.

  • Determine actual labor cost savings based on integrated wage data
  • Manage PTO requests with accrual data and automatically update schedules
  • Get up-to-date employee information, including new hires and terminations
  • Share employee licensing and certification data to keep employees current and in compliance
Measure Cost Savings With Employee Wage Data From HRIS
“The OnShift systems and reports can integrate with just about any system out there. We can pull the information from a budgeting standpoint or a census standpoint and reflect that data in real time. We don’t have to rely on human touch."


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