Transforming The Relationship
Between Healthcare Organizations
& Their Employees

Our innovative approach to recruitment, hiring, workforce management and engagement fosters a culture where people want to work. That’s why thousands of organizations rely on OnShift’s integrated suite of software and services to dramatically reduce turnover rates, decrease costs and improve the quality and continuity of care.

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Talent Acquisition

Success starts by having the right people. OnShift® Employ helps senior care organizations source, recruit, screen, hire and onboard candidates with lightning-fast efficiencies to create a memorable candidate experience. Gain a competitive edge by being the first to find top candidates and seamlessly manage the entire hiring lifecycle from a robust, easy-to-use system.

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Talent Acquisition Software


Time & Attendance

Modern. Mobile. Contactless. OnShift® Time is a next-generation time & attendance software that utilizes facial recognition biometric technology to decrease labor costs, improve timecard accuracy and reduce payroll errors—all without the need for traditional, expensive timeclocks.

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Employee Scheduling Software

Employee Scheduling

Say goodbye to scheduling hassles. Only OnShift® Schedule™ provides easy-to-use, proactive tools to help your communities schedule employees, predict overtime to lower costs and fill openings to staff properly, each and every shift.

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Employee Scheduling App

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Payroll & HRIS

Streamline payroll & HR with best-in-class solutions. Maximize value and deliver a great employee experience with best-in-class software & seamless integrations from one of OnShift’s partners for payroll & HRIS.

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Keep your most engaged employees

Employee Engagement

Because An Engaged Workforce Works! OnShift® Engage™ focuses on what matters most - your people - to drive success. Our modern and easy-to-use employee engagement software helps providers measure staff satisfaction, capture employee feedback and reward contributions to fuel an engaged workforce.

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Employee Financial Wellness Icon

Employee Financial Wellness

Help employees when they need it most. Only OnShift® Wallet™ gives employees financial peace of mind by providing access to their earned, but unpaid income between paychecks—all without any financial risk to your organization.

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Employee Financial Wellness Software Mobile App


Your workforce needs are more critical now than ever before. OnShift is here for you. Learn more about our commitment to helping you and your employees through the challenging times presented by COVID-19.

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OnShift's mobile app gives everything your employees need at their fingertips

Mobile App For Employees

Keep your staff connected and engaged with the OnShift Mobile App. Make it easy for employees to view and manage their schedules, receive real-time recognition for a job well done, and instantly access earned wages—all from one, convenient mobile app.

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The OnShift Mobile App for Senior Care Employees

Workforce analytics icon

Workforce Analytics

Make informed staffing decisions based on data, not guesswork. OnShift® Insight™ analyzes employee utilization and proactively recommends positions to hire for more consistent staffing and better outcomes.

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Workforce Analytics Software Dashboard


Payroll-Based Journal Reporting

Skilled nursing providers: ensure you receive credit for all the care you provide. Easily collect, review and submit all required staffing information to CMS with OnShift's Payroll-Based Journal Reporting software.

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Payroll-Based Journal Reporting Software

Purpose-Built For Senior Care

OnShift's deep knowledge of the senior care workforce is reflected in our predictive, intuitive software and proactive services that help you achieve ongoing clinical, operational and financial value.

Streamlining hiring, scheduling and employee engagement

Operational Excellence

Eliminate complex processes and manual tasks by streamlining hiring, scheduling and employee engagement.

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Eliminate costly overtime

Cost Control

Identify best-fit hires, balance schedules that right-size staff, eliminate overtime and engage employees to minimize turnover.

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Develop a workplace culture that fosters communication

Employee Retention

Develop a workplace culture that fosters communications, promotes work-life balance and rewards contributions.

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Consistently staff to occupancy

Quality Care & Service

Consistently staff for quality care with real-time staffing visibility, proactive notifications and the ability to fill shifts in minutes.

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Predict Five-Star Staffing Ratings

Staffing Compliance

Get the tools and best practices you need to stay on top of changing regulations and meet staffing compliance demands.

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Providing labor management best practices

Customer Success

Our experts work hand-in-hand with clients, providing labor management best practices to ensure sustainable value.

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“OnShift is our ‘home base’ staffing system. Using OnShift, we have standardized our staffing across all of our communities.”
Josh Mamary, Director of Business Systems
Royal Health Group

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